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1−1 Chapter 1 Selling, marketing and customer relationship management.

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1 1−1 Chapter 1 Selling, marketing and customer relationship management

2 1−2 Common attitudes to selling Positive attitudes – Helpful in providing information about a product – Aided in locating a particular manufacturer – Provided specific usage instruction – Reminded the customer about a feature or service option Negative attitude – Pushed the buyer into an unsuitable purchase – Rushed the customer into a sale – Continued to annoy the customer in the lead up to the sale – Unfairly criticised competitor’s product

3 1−3 Consultative aspect Definition The personal selling function should focus on the situation, problems, and needs of the customers, rather than on the salesperson or his or her firm. Challenges – Natural tendency for the salesperson is to put their own needs first. – Understanding customer needs can be a very difficult and time consuming task.

4 1−4 Problem-solving aspect Problem identification – This is where the salesperson uses their questioning techniques to identify customer needs and wants. Develop and evaluate solutions – Based on the answers given by the customer, the salesperson identifies the most suitable solution to this particular set of needs. Communicate the solution – The salesperson presents the solution to the customer, explaining the benefits of the product and how they match the customer’s needs.

5 1−5 Influence aspect Social interaction – Friends and family have a strong influence on the purchase behaviour of each person. Work place interaction – Managers, co-workers and other staff will influence a person’s purchases through examples, suggestions and direct instructions. Journalism and media – The opinions of media figures and reporters encourage the person to purchase goods and services in a particular way. Sales people – They make recommendations and assist in choices for the customer as part of their service.

6 1−6 Ethics Responsibility Integrity and belief in the sale Credibility Even-handedness Fairness Standards of behaviour Balanced outcomes viewpoint

7 1−7 Marketing, selling and business The role of marketing, selling and business: Marketing Marketing/SellingSelling Identify Individuals Provide Information Influence to buy Business

8 1−8 Marketing process

9 1−9 The marketing mix

10 1−10 Promotions mix The promotions mix is the communications component of the marketing mix.

11 1−11 Promotions mix elements – comparison

12 1−12 Promotions mix elements – summary ElementUsefulness in selling AdvertisingInform and influence Sales promotionMotivate action PublicityManage public opinion Personal SellingPersuade, assist and facilitate sale

13 1−13 CRM Definition Business concept Technique for carrying out the concept

14 1−14 Selling roles in business

15 1−15 Selling roles in business Variation in application of sales staff  internal staff  external or field staff  manufacturers’ consultant staff  online sales staff  telecommuting sales staff  SMS and distributive media sales staff Remuneration types  base/retainer, bonus, commission, combination

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