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Ravi Chacko CEO Chase McCaleb CFO Walker Plash CMO Perry Yin CTO George Zhou CRO.

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1 Ravi Chacko CEO Chase McCaleb CFO Walker Plash CMO Perry Yin CTO George Zhou CRO

2 ACL Injury Background… 100,000 -200,000 ruptured per year 1 60,000-75,000 ACL reconstructions annually 2 Costs range from $20-50k without insurance, $800- 3,000 with 150x more likely to re-injure 3 1. Mayo Clinic Online 2. JD Hubbell, MD; E Schwartz, MD; 3. Dunn et al 2004

3 Reasons for ACL Tears… Planting and cutting Straight-knee landings Causing… Hyperextention of the knee Excessive inward rotation

4 Market CDC estimates 7.2 million high school athletes in the U.S. 1 Approximately 4 million professional athletes. Affects anyone involved in: Volleyball Basketball Soccer Football Gymnastics And more 1.CDC: MMWR; September 29, 2006 / 55(38);1037-1040;

5 Known Risk Factors Physiological Factors Hormones, Sex, Leg Dominance, Joint Laxity/Recurvation Behavioral Factors Landing/Jumping Torso position and resulting stresses on knee Toe to heel shock absorption Side Cut Quad and Hamstring firing patterns

6 Risk Factors- Zebis Mette K. Zebis (7/09) Found that a difference in Vastus Lateralis and Semitendinosus firing 10ms before a side cut led to a significantly increased chance for ACL rupture.

7 Risk Factors - LESS Lindsay J. DiStefano (2009) Used Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) before and after training to show that landing errors can be improved with training. Current prototype can capture knee flexion and displacement May Prototype will include a hip component that will capture trunk flexion

8 Components EMG Vastus Lateralis Semitendinosus 2 IMU 6DOF Sensors 3 Gyroscopes 3 Accelerometers 4 Pressure Sensors Amplifier NIDAQ & Arduinos

9 Force Sensor Capture Original Design 2 sensors Heel and Toe Ankle pronation and impact time 1 st Prototype 4 Sensors 1 st and 5 th metatarsal, heel and big toe Time of impact, ankle and foot pronation

10 Force Sensor Analysis Vertical Jump Test (x2) Toe (red) is used primarily during takeoff 1 st (cyan) and 5 th metatarsal (green) are used primarily during landing Heel (blue) is kept off the ground

11 EMG Capture EKG electrodes placed at the VL and ST Grounded at the abdomen System contains a circuit for a DC offset so we can view both positive and negative values

12 EMG Analysis Purpose: to capture the difference in average activity (% of max) in the 10 ms prior to cut. Method: Sync Filter Threshold RMS

13 Motion Capture Inertial Measurement Units (IMU) consist of 4 perpendicular accelerometers and 4 perpendicular gyroscopes IMUs attached to brace at the calf and thigh Record linear acceleration and rotational velocity, each in 3 dimensions at each point

14 Motion Capture Analysis


16 Side Cut


18 Future Plans Final Prototype Lightweight and wireless Free movement This Semester Stay tethered, but clean up wires to increase mobility Expand to include multiple tests Multiple test subjects

19 Development Timeline Interpret data collected from gyros/accelerometers Increase mobility Improve EMG analysis Connect mechanical to bioelectric data Create GUI for data collection and analysis

20 Future Business Plan Phase II: Research and Development Distribute to athletic teams for data collection Prove that we can actually predict risk factors Phase III: Initial Release Target athletic teams, gyms, and physical therapists. Projected cost of use: $250 initial startup fee $50 per athlete per analysis Phase IV: Review and Expansion Ultimately target home users

21 Thank you Keith Yeager Aaron Kyle Prof. Gordana Vunjak-Novakovic Prof. Elizabeth Hillman Prof. Paul Sadja Project Advisor Matthew Bouchard & Ick Bhumiratana Lauren Grosberg Jim Gossett Associate Athletics Director for Sports Medicine Paige Plash Physical Therapist, COO Encore Rehabilitation

22 Questions?

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