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3 O.S.S. Diploma Requirements 30 credits 18 compulsory credits 12 optional credits 40 hours of community involvement Successful completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test TDSS SAINTS Click a mouse button to continue

4 What is your desired destination after high school … College? Workplace? Apprenticeship? University? Community Living? TDSS SAINTS Click or Space Bar to continue …

5 Choosing Your Pathway … Essential Essential Work ApprenticeshipApprenticeship Academic Academic University College Work Apprenticeship Academic Academic University College Work Apprenticeship Applied College WorkApprenticeship WorkApprenticeship TDSS SAINTS

6 The Apprenticeship Pathway (Essential, Applied, Academic) Apprentices earn while they learn Success requires competencies in Math, English and Science, an aptitude for applied technology and problem solving Students interested in this pathway can participate in our Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) starting in Grade 11 and they can earn high school credits while banking apprenticeship hours in the skilled trades TDSS SAINTS


8 The College Pathway (Applied, Academic) College programs provide a valuable combination of academic and practical/technical skills training for a specific career. There are 24 publicly funded colleges in Ontario and almost 600 programs to choose. There are also Ministry approved private colleges. TDSS SAINTS


10 The University Pathway (Academic) University programs provide theoretical academic training Choose from 1 of the 21 universities in Ontario TDSS SAINTS


12 University College The number of program agreements between colleges and universities are increasing Multiple opportunities now exist to transfer between colleges and universities in Ontario TDSS SAINTS

13 The Workplace Pathway (Essential, Applied, Academic) There are many viable entry-level job opportunities for students who have completed their OSSD and have work experience TDSS SAINTS


15 Ensuring the Right Choice Selecting courses in the proper pathway is vital for student success. Essential? Applied? Academic? TDSS SAINTS

16 Essential Courses These courses help a student develop the skills required to be successful in applied and workplace courses in the future Students will be provided with opportunities for hands-on learning Students who, on average, have gaps in their knowledge, or who achieve at less than 65% in their grade 8 courses could be essential level students TDSS SAINTS

17 Applied Courses These courses enable a student to work on the main concepts of the subject, using practical, concrete applications Students who, on average, achieve in the 65% - 80% range at the grade 8 level may be applied level learners TDSS SAINTS

18 Academic Courses These are courses for students who want to develop knowledge and skills through the study of theory and abstract thinking Students who, on average, achieve at 80%+ at the grade 8 level could be academic learners TDSS SAINTS

19 How do I Know Which Pathway to Choose? Review the information provided in tonight’s package with your parents Talk to your Grade 8 teacher Discuss your plans for post-secondary and your future with your parents Talk to the TDSS teachers tonight to discuss the differences between essential, applied and academic courses Choose the pathway which will bring you the most success! TDSS SAINTS

20 Compulsory Courses (Applied? Essential? Academic?) o Geography o English o Math o Science o French o Phys. Ed. Grade 9 Course Selection (Preparing your Course Selection Sheet) Grade 9 Course Selection (Preparing your Course Selection Sheet) Optional Courses (choose 2 from here) o Art o Drama o Business Computers o Introduction to Business o Food & Nutrition o Integrated Tech. o Music o Junior Repertoire Course (1/2 credit) o Learning Strategies (principal/spec ed referral) Alternates: You MUST order these by preference on your Course Selection Planning Sheet TDSS SAINTS

21 Immersion/Extended French Certificates French Immersion Certificate FIF1DF – French Immersion (Academic) CGC1PF (Applied) or CGC1DF (Academic) Canadian Geography PPL1OF – Healthy Active Living (10 credit package) Extended French Certificate FEF1DF – Extended French (Academic) + 3 other French Subjects (7 credit package) TDSS SAINTS

22 myBlueprint At TDSS we use an online web-based tool for course selection and individual pathway planning activities. Your assigned TDSS Guidance Counsellor will be visiting your class in the next 2 weeks to help you enter your course selection online using myBlueprint. TDSS SAINTS

23 Next Steps... 1)Discuss the opportunities available to you in regards to pathways and optional courses. 2)Use myBlueprint to complete the “Discovery” assessment, explore future careers, and potential post-secondary programs. 3)Complete the Course Selection sheets provided in your package. The Course Selection sheet must be signed by your parent/guardian and handed in to your Gr.8 teacher before the Guidance Counsellor visits your classroom. TDSS SAINTS

24 Course Selection Deadline: Friday, February 27 th !! TDSS SAINTS

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