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Pickering High School Welcomes…

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1 Pickering High School Welcomes…
The Class of 2018

2 Introduction To Guidance
What role does Guidance play at Pickering High School? Transition from grade 8 to grade 9 Course selection information and guidance Short term counseling and referrals Post-secondary research and applications Career planning Timetabling and alternative education (summer school/night school) Student records and awards Commencement

3 Pickering High School At A Glance
School Structure – Our school year is divided into two semesters: Semester 1 (September – January) Semester 2 (February – June) You will take FOUR courses per semester 75 minute classes School start time – 8:30 am End time – 2:35 pm Lunch – 11:10 to 12:00 (50 minutes) Projected enrollment = 2028 students/454 grade 9’s

4 Let’s take a look at… Graduation Requirements
Courses & Option Selection

5 What do you Need to Graduate from High School?

6 Compulsory Courses … are courses that you must pass to graduate.
Compulsory requirements change each year of high school.

7 Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Requirements
4 credits English (1 credit per grade) 1 credit French as a second language 3 credits Mathematics (at least 1 credit in grade 11 or 12) 2 credits Science 1 credit Canadian History 1 credit Canadian Geography 1 credit Arts 1 credit Physical & Health Education 1 credit Civics and Career Education Plus the following 3 additional courses....

8 Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) Requirements
1 additional credit selected from: English, or French as a second language*, or Spanish, or Social Sciences and Humanities, or Canadian and World Studies, or Guidance and Career Education, or Co-operative education** Health & Physical Education, or The Arts (visual art, drama, music), or Business, or French as a second language*, or Co- operative education** Science (Grade 11 or 12), or Technological Education, or Computer Studies, or French as a second language*, or Co-operative education** * a maximum of 2 French credits can count towards these additional credits (one from group 1 and one from either group 2 or 3) ** a maximum of 2 Co-op credits can count towards these credits.

9 What compulsory courses must you take in Grade 9?
English Math Science Geography Phys. Ed French

10 Electives … are courses that you choose. Dramatic Arts
Exploring Family Studies Exploring Technologies Information and Communication Technology in Business Instrumental Music Latin - Level 1 Visual Arts Vocal Music

11 Choosing the Appropriate Level for Success!
Academic (D) Emphasis on THEORY. Works independently in a focused manner. Completes homework consistently and thoroughly. Recommend a minimum of 70% in Grade 8 courses. Select English courses in the academic stream if you are planning on UNIVERSITY. Depending on the university program other academic courses may be required (such as science and mathematics).

12 Choosing the Appropriate Level for Success!
Applied (P) Emphasis on PRACTICAL APPLICATION. May need assistance to organize and complete homework regularly. Less homework assigned. Students planning to pursue postsecondary studies at COLLEGE or pursue an APPRENTICEABLE TRADE should select courses in the applied stream.

13 Choosing the Appropriate Level for Success!
Locally Developed (L) Courses cover material and skills necessary for daily activities. For students who are not meeting expectations at their grade level. Open (O) Designed to prepare students for further study in certain subjects and enrich your education. All subjects DO NOT have to be taken at the same stream!

14 Selecting Courses and Streams
Before selecting courses and/or streams, students must consider: Career goals Academic ability Work habits Talk to parents and teachers Read the Pickering High School Course Calendar on-line Grade 8 achievement of 70% WITHOUT modifications is recommended for the academic stream Examine career goals, personal interests Academic strengths (university, college, or apprenticeship destination)

15 Grade 9 On-line Course Selection – Career Cruising
Use your student number and birthdate to login Login Instructions Reminder

16 Student View Beige = Compulsory White = Elective

17 WARNING: This step cannot be undone!
Student View WARNING: This step cannot be undone!

18 French Immersion: Look for the “F” in the code
Compulsory Courses Gifted: Look for the “G” in the code French Immersion: Look for the “F” in the code

19 Choosing Electives

20 Elective Courses *We recommend students select an art course in order to fulfill their graduation requirement.

21 Warning Hover over the blue dot for a guidance alert.

22 Alert Hover over the red dot for important course selection information.

23 PRINTING Once you have submitted your course selections, please print off a final copy of your course selections.

24 Print Final Copy Due Date Feb 21st
Must be signed by a Parent/Guardian and returned to your Grade 8 Homeroom Teacher Due Date Feb 21st

25 Important Dates January 2014 Grade 8 parents’ information session TBA
February 21, 2014 On– line Course Selection Due May 5-9, 2014 Grade 8 tours

26 That you are eligible to attend PHS.
Make sure… That you are eligible to attend PHS. Out of area students cannot be accepted!

27 The End… Questions?

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