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Unit 5: Is cancer in your genes?

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1 Unit 5: Is cancer in your genes?
DO NOW Read the first two paragraphs of Theresa’s story and complete the Stop & Draw on the notes

2 Stop & Draw Create a family tree to show how the cancer-trait may have been passed through Theresa’s family over time  Example

3 Theresa’s Story, Continued
Finish reading the second page of Theresa’s story Complete the “Debrief & Practice” questions once you are done

4 Debrief & Practice 1 Identify what a “trait” is, and explain what makes a trait “heritable” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

5 Debrief & Practice 1 Hereditary traits are transmitted from generation to generation by means of: (1) Specific sequences of molecular bases in DNA in reproductive cells (2) Proteins in body cells (3) Carbohydrates in body cells (4) Specific starches making up DNA in reproductive cells

6 Debrief & Practice 2 2. What molecule is contained in the nucleus of a cell, and how does that molecule affect the production of proteins in a cell? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

7 Debrief & Practice 2 Molecule A contains the:
(1) Starch necessary for ribosome synthesis in the cytoplasm (2) Organic substance that is broken down into molecules B, C and D (3) Proteins that form the ribosome in the cytoplasm (4) Directions for the synthesis of molecules B, C, and D

8 Debrief & Practice 3 3. The doctors told Theresa that she had a mutation in the BRCA1 gene. What is a mutation? What is the BRCA1 protein supposed to do? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9 Debrief & Practice 3 3. Describe the relationship between the three structures shown in the diagram to the right. __________________________

10 Writing for the Regents
Complete the lesson summary individually Consider: What have you learned about traits? Inheritance? DNA? Genes? Mutations? Answer the “Writing for the Regents” prompt IN COMPLETE SENTENCES Unfinished responses become homework tonight!

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