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Welcome to Crown Lending. About us Crown Lending is one of Australia’s fastest growing home loan lenders. At Crown Lending, we have all the loans that.

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1 Welcome to Crown Lending

2 About us Crown Lending is one of Australia’s fastest growing home loan lenders. At Crown Lending, we have all the loans that the banks have but with a few differences. 1.GUARANTEED LOWEST TOTAL COST LOAN 2.NO ONGOING MONTHLY BANK FEES 3.PERSONAL CLIENT RELATIONSHIP MANAGER 4.A REVOLUTIONARY, FOOL-PROOF CASH MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Crown Lending was started as a direct result of the banks’ attitude towards their customers. The complete lack of personal touch and service, disgustingly large bank profits and the general treatment of the everyday Australian customer has created a massive niche in the marketplace.

3 Crown Lending in the Community Crown Lending annually donates 1% of its profit towards various animal care and protection organizations, such as the RSPCA.

4 Most Lenders do business like taxi drivers… Our way is to think of our relationship with a client as a long-term association. It’s important to us that our clients know we have their best interests at heart. We tell the truth and live with the consequences. We’ve found that as a result of doing business this way, our clients feel much more comfortable during the borrowing process. This concern continues throughout the relationship as we partner them through to realisation of their short-term and long-term goals, and beyond.... We do business like Limo Drivers


6 Crown Lending… what makes us different? 1.Are you sick of hearing about how much bank fees have risen in the last 12 months? Why not enjoy a loan account that has $0 Monthly Fees. 2.Are you confused about which product is right for you? Discounted rates come at a price, such as a large annual fee. Wouldn’t you prefer an Overall Low Cost Loan for the life of the loan and one that has competitive rates? 3.Do you sometimes feel like a statistic? You will never be left out in the cold with us because you will be informed of every step along the way, before, during and after your loan has settled. 4.Banks have some fantastic products but they never teach you how to use them. We will teach you not only how to use them but how to pay off your loan quicker. 5.Is your money working in your favor? Learn how to change the flow of money so that it is working in your favor; have your money working harder for you and not the banks! 6.Sick of talking to a phone menu? Why not have your own Personal Client Relationship Manager who knows what you’re trying to achieve!

7 7.Do you know how your loan is doing every month? We do because we provide FREE Mortgage Management where we monitor your home loan to ensure that you are on track and send you a statement EVERY SINGLE MONTH. 8.Principle & Interest styled loans are full of BANK PROFITS. Why not enjoy a guaranteed Lower Repayment that reduces as your loan reduces! 9.Have you ever dealt with someone who just wants to set your loan up, get paid, then you never hear from them again? How about dealing with people who practice what they teach and stay in contact with you every month? 10.We know that life changes, we know there are always going to be ups and downs so we ensure that our clients have a loan product that can change with them, a flexible styled loan that is able to be transferred to your new property if and when you decide to move. 11.Come to Crown and be treated like a person, with respect and dignity. Be taught wealth creation skills for life, the type that will affect you and your family’s future for the better. Best of all have all of these services provided to you for FREE! We are paid by the banks and therefore we don’t charge our clients for our ongoing services. Cont…

8 FAQs Why have my home loan with Crown Lending? By having your home loan with Crown Lending you will receive: No Monthly Fees Your Own Personal Account Manager Free Redraws Free Money Management Services Guaranteed Lower Repayments Be Out Of Debt Quicker! Help With Wealth Creation So the question now is “Why wouldn’t you have your home loan with Crown Lending?” What banking facilities will I have with Crown Lending? The way you do your everyday banking will not change at all. Your salary will be deposited into your Crown Lending home loan account by your employer, we then transfer a portion of that into your cheque or savings account to cover your expenses throughout the month. You will have full access to telephone banking with your Crown Home Loan. How long will it take to setup the facility? From submitting an application to Crown Lending, it will take approximately 4 to 5 weeks to have the facility fully active and operating. This time frame may differ depending on the facility applied for and access to the property for valuations. Can I refinance my existing home loan? Yes, you can use this program to refinance your existing home loan or consolidate a number of debts into one.

9 Today Tonight Segment

10 Testimonials B Tomlinson For most 22 year olds, owning three properties and gearing up to purchase a fourth is about as far off in the future as flying cars. Thanks to Crown Lending, Brad Tomlinson and his partner Sharee have made short work of the impossible. As government employees with no children, these two go-getters wanted to be worth $1 million each by their 30th birthdays. But with a mortgage and a car loan constantly hanging over their heads, the dream seemed to slip further away every day. It was like we were falling into the same trap as other people we knew: they’d get a mortgage for a house, then a car loan, and then before they knew it, they would be over their heads in debt. We knew we wanted to find a better way,” said Brad. That was just over 18 months ago. Now, Brad and Sharee have their own home, plus two investment properties and plans for the purchase of another investment property. They have also made a sizeable dent in their personal debt by paying off an impressive $33,000 in 18 months. “The average Australian usually reduces their personal debts by $3,800 per year, but the Tomlinsons managed to pay off over $26,500 within just one year,” explained Crown Lending CEO, Scott Parry. It wasn’t the discovery of a magical money tree that gave them a helping hand. By signing up with Crown Lending’s Premium Account, the Tomlinsons were able to get back on track sooner. “I have no doubt that if we hadn’t gone with Crown, we’d just be digging ourselves deeper into debt instead of getting closer to achieving our financial goals. They helped us manage our earnings better than any other lender has, and have helped us beyond what we could have imagined,” said Brad


12 “In four months, Renee, 27, and Richard, 28, have reduced their principal from $198,000 to $194,000”

13 “A loan coach helped Jeff Beros consolidate his family’s debts and pay $14,000 off his home loan in six months.”

14 This is an actual client’s home loan statement... They’ve paid over $3,000 off in three months!



17 Retirement is a function of Income not age Take 100 Australians at age 25 Look what happens after 40 years..... 54 Depend on Government or Charity 24 Have Died 12 are totally broke 5 are still working 4 are independent Only One is Financially Free What are YOU currently doing?

18 Banks, profits and principal & interest styled loans How much are they really making? Australian Banks make the majority of their profits through Home Loans. For their most recent and complete financial years (2010), the four major banks had a combined net profit of over $20 BILLION! Westpac led the pack last year with a $6.34 Billion net profit CBA made $5.66 Billion ANZ $4.5 Billion and, NAB $4.2 Billion Australia is the 4th highest in the world with bank profits! Based on Westpac’s profits, they are earning: $750,000 in PROFIT every hour of every day!

19 Banks, profits and principal & interest styled loans A typical principal & interest loan: Loan amount $300,000.00, Term: 30 years, Comparison rate: 7.5% Monthly Payment $1,829.58 This Principal & Interest Repayment Chart sourced from shows that after 12 months you would have paid back to the bank $25,171.68 and yet all you were able to reduce the loan by was $2,765.46. A whopping BANK PROFIT of $22,406.22! in 12 months.

20 4 Types of Loan Products





25 Dare to Compare!

26 Questions…

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