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Mission Aircrew Course Morning Briefing 0800L, 3 August 2006.

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1 Mission Aircrew Course Morning Briefing 0800L, 3 August 2006

2 Time Hack

3 Weather m This briefing should include enough information to fill out your 104s—if it does NOT, ask! m We don’t have time for 12 crews to check their own weather m arSummary/bwg.gif arSummary/bwg.gif m ex.html?query=KBAK ex.html?query=KBAK m ex.html?query=KIND ex.html?query=KIND

4 Safety -Heat Hazards & Running Engines

5 Administrative Notes

6 Announcements Flights - Syllabus Sorties #4 & 5

7 Commander’s Comments

8 Fly SafeLY!

9 ANNOUNCEMENTS m Test Debriefing: ~1300L ??

10 Announcements Crew #1 Must have tomorrow’s flight briefed prior to Debriefing Debriefing at 1815L Cleanup must be completed prior to release at 1815L Vehicles depart 1830L

11 Announcements Mission Aircrew “Call Signs” Cruse Director Julie = Rita LaVanchy Carlos = Jose Panzon = Eric Templeton Pepe = Scott Lanis Midas Touch = Jim Rice Puzzleman = Hand Spaz = John Seramur El JeFe = Mark Reeves Wolfman = Klaus Mueller


13 Daily Debriefing 1700L Please clean up!

14 Its Been a LONG day… m ALL the pilots are tired! m A Rested Pilot is a SAFE pilot!

15 Mostly We Flew… m Great job remaining flexible and flying TWICE as many sorties as originally planned today! m Timely operations as well—sense of urgency apparent! m However, you must be briefed AND RELEASED to fly!

16 Safety m Expecting Storms Tonight associated with strong winds m CHECK YOUR TIE DOWNS Some tiedowns have been reported loose at the anchor bolts m

17 Announcements m Taxi speeds are fast – SLOW DOWN! m Taxi on MARKED Taxi Lines only, NO DIAGONAL aircraft movement. m If you parking spot is hard to get into, STOP, SHUTDOWN and hand pull it in. m Walk out to aircraft along grass, DO NOT Walk diagonally out to aircraft.

18 See Capt Templeton (Medical Forms Needed) Harold AaronRuben Figueroa Ronald DiggsStephen Davis Eugene McGillJohn Herschelman Chris ComlyDoug Glantz Robert MellorJohn Edsall John RoscoeMichael Moyer Billy Villareal ALSO, All Students and Staff !!!!!! Confirm your airport rides: (after Tonight's Debrief) Airport (IND), Airline, Flight Number and Time

19 Announcements m Tonight is “off” for social activities m Thursday Evening: Rascal’s Fun Zone for Go-Carts

20 Next Day’s Schedule 1030 @ Parade Ground

21 Commander’s Comments

22 August 02, 2006 Commandant Briefing

23 m Flight Line – Walking across the ramp, personnel intermixing with aircraft m Engine Start – Change from previous brief. m Aircraft Taxi Speed - Slow walk. m Don’t request Straight in to Runway 23. BAK main runway with ILS. All Jets use this runway. m Conflict - Tower had issue with POPUP GA aircraft calling 2 miles South while CAP was on downwind to RW23. m See & Avoid at all time (especially in pattern) ISSUES…

24 m We are sequencing our departures and arrivals better than past years. Good News

25 ISSUES m The tower would like visitors from our group. They can accommodate 8 folks. Let me know when you want to visit and I’ll call and let them know.

26 ©2000 Scott E. Lanis26 Welcome again to CAP NESA MAS! QUESTIONS?

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