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We’re helping people make BETTER FINANCIAL DECISIONS BAQAR JAFRI | SENNEN DESOUZA | HAMMAD HASHMI Copyrights & Trademarks Reserved.

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1 We’re helping people make BETTER FINANCIAL DECISIONS BAQAR JAFRI | SENNEN DESOUZA | HAMMAD HASHMI Copyrights & Trademarks Reserved

2 2 18.6 Million People in Pakistan DON’T HAVE education, information & financial guidance to invest wisely into We are an emerging fintech company providing technology solutions to help you save and invest wisely! Stocks Market Capitalization: PKR 7.7 Trillion 250,000 Investors 560 Listed Companies Mutual Fund Industry: PKR 460 Billion 213 Funds 250,000 Investors Mutual Funds Insurance 37 Insurance Companies 150+ Products Car, Property, Life & Non Life segments Fixed Income 50+ NBFI Schemes 100+ Banking Schemes National Savings Schemes Shariah Compliant Schemes Other Markets Forex Govt. Treasury Bills Commodities Mortgage Loans Credit Cards Financing Products

3 3 Investor Social Network We help investors to make better financial decisions by providing information and financial guidance online. We empower investors with education and networking tools to save and invest wisely. Personal Finance Education Online Education & Gamification tools to learn about various investment schemes Financial Analytics Comparison of all investment schemes real-time, and facility to screen out ideal investment option that suits your need Online Marketplace Connect with online investment advisor to help you choose the best product and facilitate the buying process Social Network Real-time collaboration with your fellow investors to use collective intelligence in making better financial decisions

4 4 Market Size & Revenue Model Who are early adopters? People with internet connection, banking account, and have previously invested in any of financial products. What is addressable market Opportunity? At an Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) of PKR 1500 & addressable market segmentation of 18.6 million people, the market opportunity is valued at PKR 27.9 Billion or $279 Million. 84 Million Middle Class Population 51.8 Million People between 25-49 years 18.6 Million People (22% Annual Growth) Having access to online, mobile or phone banking What is your revenue model? 1.Subscriptions (Freemium Model) 2.Cross-selling/referral Revenue 3.Targeted Advertisements

5 Minimum Viable Product


7 Traction 1.3 Million in Pre- Sales Booked in 30 days. 6 Million worth of contracts are in finalization stage.

8 Core Team

9 9 - Baqar Abbas Jafri- Founder & Chief Executive Officer Baqar is a serial entrepreneur with specialization in developing technology-driven businesses with experience spanning over 7 years. He is the member of The Founder Institute, the world's largest entrepreneur training and startup launch program. He brings a unique blend of strong corporate relationships and marketing dynamism, along with research and business strategy experience. He is Pakistan’s first business journalist who has worked for online, radio, newspaper, and electronic media on the beat of financial journalism, making him well-diversified in all media of financial reporting. He holds Masters in Economics, along with various specialized courses in related discipline, and is currently pursuing M.Phil in Economics from Institute of Business Administration (IBA).

10 10 - Sennen Edward Desouza - Co-founder & Chief Business Development Officer Sennen currently oversees Partner, Business and Product Development for Finspire and its holdings. He brings to the team an unparalleled passion for Business Strategy, Strategy Management, Public Relations, Marketing and Societal Development. Sennen holds a Bachelor’s Degree with a specialization in Finance, from the Institute of Business Administration, Karachi (IBA). His professional and extra-curricular experiences at both national and international level span multifarious organizations; allowing him to hone a skill set, an attitude and a network that creates substantial value for the firm.

11 11 - Hammad Ali Hashmi - Co-founder & Lead Software Developer Hammad is a web-development wizard with over 6 years of diversified experience on a wide array of technologies & programming languages that include, but are not limited to; C#, Python, ASP.Net, AJAX, JQuery, SQL server, JSON amongst many others. Hammad has over a dozen projects under his belt in the capacity of a Project Lead and has rendered his services as a consultant to many others. Hammad is Microsoft Certified Specialist, and brings the blend of programming and business intelligence to the work. He holds BS in Computer Science, and MBA in Management Information Systems.

12 12 BAQAR@FINSPIRE.CO 14 th Floor, Dilkusha Forum, Main Tariq Road, Karachi +92 345-2882858 Get in Touch Thank you!

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