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Ideas for future NETLIPSE partners Andrew Braddock Independent Public Transport Consultant.

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1 Ideas for future NETLIPSE partners Andrew Braddock Independent Public Transport Consultant

2 NETLIPSE – 21 October 2008 Introduction Trust me........... I am an Expert on Public Transport


4 Why am I here? At the request of the UK Government’s Department for Transport Rail Division...... to bring an operational view to the proceedings and a willingness to challenge the accepted wisdom!

5 Interesting Public Transport Projects Generally smaller scale Complex funding structures Variety of project controls Significant partnerships EU involvement

6 Kassel: Tram-Train Regional inter-connection project Direct routes from hinterland to city centre streets Track-sharing between heavy and light rail Dual-mode electric (750v DC + 16.5Kv AC) Dual-mode diesel-electric Federal, Länder and City funding KVG + RBK + DB operation

7 Tenerife: Project Management Transdev contract TRANSAMO as project manager Joint Venture: Transdev and STIB Brussels System design and operational parameters Construction and fitting-out contracts Rolling stock supply and maintenance

8 North Kent: “Fastrack” Busway Major regeneration project Multi-agency partnership Connection to Eurostar Dedicated bus-only roads High-frequency services in operation ahead of residential occupation

9 Tramway de Reims: First French PPP 30-year contract to design, build, operate & maintain Payment by results Major political considerations Challenge for rolling stock supplier Questionable “fit” to EU tendering procedures Problem of network expansion Complex relationship with Versement Transport

10 Edinburgh: hope for the UK? Narrow escape from political dogma Special Purpose Vehicle TIE: Transport in Edinburgh Lothian Buses – Edinburgh Trams Early involvement of operator High-risk vehicle procurement [CAF] Possible rolling programme of network extensions Beware Her Majesty’s Treasury!

11 EU Funding in New Member States Poland: Łódz North – South Tramway Corridor Renewal Lithuania: Kaunas Trolleybus network extensions linked to construction of new housing areas

12 Summary Several potential NETLIPSE case studies Possible additional funding for NETLIPSE 2 Smaller projects add value to the outcome France, Spain, Lithuania “on board” [+ Scotland!] Relationship to the Climate Change Agenda Involvement of regional and city authorities Wider input to IPAT and Business Case studies

13 Thank you.....and remember... The bitterness of poor quality is rarely exceeded by the sweetness of low price........... not, I’m afraid, a Braddock original!

14 And last but not least......... Remember the little guy at the very end of the food chain – he’s the poor soul who has to make it work every day!

15 So here’s to NETLIPSE co-operation!

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