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June 2011 JN225079 © 2011 TNS UK Limited Putting Packaging at the Heart of NPD The Shopper Perspective By: Emilie Coles.

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1 June 2011 JN225079 © 2011 TNS UK Limited Putting Packaging at the Heart of NPD The Shopper Perspective By: Emilie Coles

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3 3 I don’t need to tell you there is a difference between shoppers and consumers….. shoppers (the buyer) consumer (the user) If we launch a new product, we need to get the shopper to buy it in order for the consumer to use it!

4 4 So how we can use the in- store environment to communicate with shoppers about NPD?

5 5 Posters Store TV Sampling Floor Stickers Packs Introductory Promotion

6 6 But with many retailers having strict regulations about branded material, sometimes the only things left are.. Packs Offers

7 7 So packaging becomes a very important shopper tool!

8 8 But the shopping environment is challenging…..

9 9 80% shopping is done in beta mode… sub conscious low involvement

10 10 When shoppers do look at products, they will scan around 20 SKU’s in one FMCG category in a matter of seconds! That’s a lot of searching, and difficult for packs to stand out!

11 11 Packaging must: be in the right place stand out match the shopping style of that category To maximise packs as a communication tool, there are 3 important considerations….

12 12 1. Be in the right place location...location…location!

13 13 It doesn’t matter how fantastic your packaging is, if it’s in the wrong location, it won’t be seen!

14 14 First in flow is worst in flow! (for most categories )

15 15 eye level is 15-30º downward

16 16 Unless our brand is the best selling product, people won’t naturally search the top or bottom shelves! cold

17 17 When shoppers look down, consider the view of your packs! (we don’t always approach the pack face on) Add Danone finland clip

18 18 shoppers navigate using signpost brands

19 19 best selling most iconic

20 20

21 21 Shoppers tend to start shopping wherever the signpost brand is located signpost 1-2 metres start shopping

22 22 Give the dominant brand good position – locate close by to give stand out! OBEL signpost 1-2 metres

23 23 2. Be Recognisable/Stand Out

24 24 How can our brands be recognisable and stand out?

25 25 Have Shelf Appeal!

26 26 In some categories, the imagery is the most important thing…. Need to ensure this stands out!

27 27 Imagery important in a different way…in DVD’s, image needs to “hook” shoppers attention in 0.3 seconds

28 28 Health messages will be important for some, in some categories… But its about short, simple messages

29 29 shoppers don’t read as they shop

30 30 Task…. What are these brands?

31 31

32 32

33 33

34 34

35 35

36 36

37 37

38 38 we shop using colour&shape

39 39 changing colourshape can have detrimental impact = £  (2 weeks)

40 40 evolution…not revolution

41 41 Colourshape won’t work if your competitors copy! 41

42 42 Easy for established brands What about NPD?

43 43 Human beings are attracted to things that are disruptive… 43

44 44 How can we use packaging to disrupt? 44 Old El Paso - Colour Pringles - Shape

45 45 create colourshape that can be communicated TTL

46 46 Press (lads mag) TV in-store on-pack Packaging ties in with TTL campaign

47 “For me” + received attributes “For me” + received attributes...... Neutrogena Healthy Skin 75g loose conceptual and analytical memories cue TTL colourshape can provide an in-store hook, that enables shoppers to associate an “emotional packet” with a brand

48 48 3. Match Shopping Style

49 Engaging Shoppers engaged Searching for on pack information/education Staple Commodities Packaging acts as a signpost 1 second looking at pack

50 50 Use packaging to help them make decision easily Petcare – flavour is important Smallest element on pack! 2/3 of shoppers read a product in their hand suggesting confusion

51 51 In summary.. - Design packs from the eye of the shopper, as well as the consumer! Key rules to follow include: - Keeping it simple - Locate brands at eye level where possible, in halo of the signpost - Consider all packaging elements – lid, SRP etc. -Match the shopping style in the category Be clear of your colourshape

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