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The YL2000 FTIR.

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1 The YL2000 FTIR

2 YL2000 FTIR Features General
- A low cost and compact design of the YL2000 ensures High performance. - The YL2000 measures just 59 X 39 X 19 cm. - Optical design, software and firmware designed specifically reduce overall analytical times significantly. - A new compact Michelson self compensating optical system eliminates many of the optical alignment problems. -The YL2000 design avoids the use of conventional corner cube optics and dynamic alignment. -The YL2000 can be used in the any laboratory, university or college environment and even outside laboratory or in remote locations.

3 YL2000 FTIR Features Interferometer Performance The sample Compartment
- High S:N ratios and SNR up to 15000:1. - Resolution: 1cm-1 and programmable up to 32 cm-1 (option 0.5 cm-1) - Wavelength range: 7800 to 380cm-1 (IR) or to 3850 cm-1 (NIR) The sample Compartment - Accommodating all of the normal sample and the wide range of accessories - Dimension: W20 X D26 X H16 cm - The optical axis is 74.5 mm above the base of the sample compartment . - Free space of 90 mm above the optical axis to the underside of the lid

4 Range subject to coatings
YL2000 FTIR Features Extending Wavelength range Detector Options - DLATGS: Standard detector - MCT detector (cryogenically cooled): for materials with high absorption characteristics - Si and InGaAs: NIR spectral region (photodiode type) Beam Splitters Range subject to coatings KBr 7,800 to 380 cm-1 ZnSe 5,000 to 500 cm-1 Fused silica 15,000 to 3,000 cm-

5 YL2000 FTIR Features Software
- The software is supplied on CD and provided with each system shipped. - Including manipulation of spectral data, instrument control, plot with preview on the screen plus many others - Analytical modeling of interferogrammes or spectra, with smoothing, and baseline correction, interactive editing and data manipulation - Spectral subtraction, mixture subtraction, smoothing derivatives, plot with preview etc. - Data input and output is possible in ASCII or JCAMP. - Other commercial programs can be used. - Easy to use and provided free of charge - The utility can be extended by adding other commercial programs.

6 YL2000 FTIR Features Computer System Sample Handling Accessories
- Computers have to meet at least the following minimum specifications. - The standard operating system: Windows 98/XP platform Sample Handling Accessories - Whatever your sample is, we are able to offer just the right sample mount including accessories. Processor Pentium 500 MHz Memory 32 Mbytes RAM Hard Disc 6.4 Gbytes CD ROM Yes

7 YL2000 FTIR Features Air Cooled Infrared Source
- Long lifetime and trouble free operation device - Excellent wavelength emission characteristics and very high stability - The color temperature of the source: about 12000C - In the NIR region: a quartz-halogen lamp is used. Desiccated and Sealed Interferometer - Ensuring high spectral integrity with low levels of water vapor within the interferometer - YL2000-XZ version employs a ZnSe moisture insensitive optics to be impervious to water vapor. - YL2000-XN version employs a fused silica optics and is insensitive to any influence of water vapor. 1

8 YL2000 FTIR Features Model - YL2000: Standard FTIR Instrument with KBr optics - YL2000-XZ - Non Water Sensitive FTIR Instruments for High Humidity with ZnSe optics - YL2000-XN - Near Infra Red Instrument with fused silica optics. 1

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