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AUSTRIA Graz University of Technology Institute of Experimental Physics Ass. Prof. Dr. Bodil Holst

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1 AUSTRIA Graz University of Technology Institute of Experimental Physics Ass. Prof. Dr. Bodil Holst

2 Background Information Why am I participating in this meeting? – Because I am a member of the Steering Committee for the China Frontier Project. This means I have to provide input and comments to the project at different stages. Why was I chosen to be a member of this Committee? – Because I coordinate a NEST Adventure Project – High risk frontier research (pr. definition) – As a representative of young scientists at a relatively early stage of a university careere. I am also a member of the Advisory panel for the FP7 priority: Nanosciences, Nanotechnologies, Materials and new Production Technologies

3 INA – Imaging with Neutral Atoms (EU NEST Adventure Project) The objective is to develop a new type of microscopy – Helium atom microscopy, where a focused beam of He-atoms is used to investigate samples. The Helium atoms are neutral and have a very low energy (less than 60 meV for a wavelength around 0.6 A, compared to 600 eV for electrons at a similar wavelength. This means we can develop a unique imaging method for fragile, insolating samples with a wide application range (bio-physical, bio-medical, electronics, etc.). NEST HOMEPAGE: Partners: W. Allison, Cambridge UK D. Litwin, INOS Poland, B. Surma ITME Poland, D. Farias Univ. Madrid Spain, E. Soendergaard Saint Gobain, France Total Budget 1.4 Million Euro Over 3 years 10 of 180 proposals funded

4 First image ever using neutral atoms as the imaging probe: Imaged object: Hexagonal Transmission grating, 36 micron period, imaged with a He-beam focused down to about 5 micron.

5 The Academic Careere Path in Europe for Young Scientists The Bologna Model: 3+2+5 = 8 years of education in total to complete a Ph.D. The countries in Europe are trying to adjust to this model. – Bachelor (18-21 when you begin) – Master – PhD Postdoc Assistant Professor without tenure track (mostly) and usually no start up money. 5-6 years. – Often you depend heavily on an older professor. Typically you do not have the freedom of an American assistant professor. For example you are not allowed to act as the main supervisor for a Ph.D. student ? Some variations between countries – France and the UK are quite different.

6 Bottom Line Assistant Professor is a very critical period. You have to establish your scientific reputation, set up your own group, do your first serious teaching etc. You cannot afford many unsuccessful research projects. You don’t have many years to cultivate connections. – Therefore for Collaborations: Scientific risks – yes Human risks – preferably not.

7 What can be done to encourage cooperation? The main obstacles for cooperation with China as I see them are: – The Language Obstacle What can China Frontiers do: –Set up a database on the Project Website with scientists who received their Ph.D. abroad or spent at least 2 years working abroad and are now working as scientists in China, Ideally in cooperation with the Chinese Government so that the database contain information about all such scientists. Presumably they have this information. FOR ME AS A SCIENTISTS SUCH PEOPLE ARE THE IMPORTANT STAKEHOLDERS BECAUSE I KNOW THAT I CAN WORK WITH THEM WITHOUT ANY LANGUAGE BARRIERS. – Lack of Knowledge about the Chinese Research Environment (where do the best people go?) What can China Frontiers do: –Provide an overview of the most important scientific institutions in China and the highest ranking universities. At the moment I would hesitate to take on a Chinese PhD because I know nothing about the standards of Chinese education (and I only have few positions available so I can only afford to hire good people). Very Important: Link to the China Frontiers web page from the relevant EU pages (Main Cordis website etc.): “Interested in Cooperation with China? Click here”

8 Thank you for your attention “A problem worthy of attack proves its worth by hitting back” P. Hein I already look forward to my next visit to China!

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