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1 The FP7 Framework Programme “ERC (IDEAS)” Ayala Karniol ISERD.

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1 1 The FP7 Framework Programme “ERC (IDEAS)” Ayala Karniol ISERD

2 2 FP7 budget 50B€ Breakdown by specific programmes Cooperation 64% Ideas (ERC) 15% People 11% Capacities 8%

3 3 FP7 ERC Programme FP7 ERC Programme ERC = European Research Council Starting Independent Researcher Grants (StG) Advanced Investigator Grants (AdG)

4 4 FP7 ERC Programme Support independent careers Researchers retained in Europe. All areas of research Flexible grants Up to 5 years, i.e. normally up to ~2,000,000 Euro per grant 100% reimbursement of projects.

5 5 ERC Grants - Who can apply ?  Individual Research Teams: –headed by a single “Principal Investigator” (team leader) –of any nationality –if necessary, including additional team members.  The PI has the freedom to choose the research topic and the power to assemble his/her research team meeting the needs of the project.  Teams can be of national or trans-national character  Hosting institution located in an EU member state or associated country

6 6 ERC Starting Grant Only one ERC grant managed by a PI PI can apply every second year ** Exceptionally no “Fallow Year” for applicants whose proposals are over the quality threshold at the end of 2 nd step of evaluation but not funded due to insufficient available budget. Possibility to apply within the last 2 years of StG for AdG

7 7 ERC StG 2009 Preliminary information Indicative budget: ~ € 300 Mio. Call launch 24 th of July 2008 with 3 call deadlines –Physical Scienceson 29th October 2008 –Social Sciences on 19th November 2008 –Life Scienceson 10th December 2008 3 main research domains + interdisciplinary/high risk research, with separate indicative budgets Physical Sciences & Engineering (39%) Life Sciences (incl. medical) (34%) Humanities & Social Sciences (14%) Interdisciplinary (13%)

8 8 ERC Starting Grant proposal PART A – online forms A1 Proposal and PI info A1T Track Record A2 Host institution info A3 Budget PART B1 – submitted as.pdf Section 1 Track Record of PI Scientific Leadership Potential2 p. CV (including “funding ID”) 2 p. Early achievements track record2 p. Extended synopsis5 p. PART B2 – submitted as.pdf Section 2 Scientific proposal15 p. Section 3 Research Environment2 p. Annexes – submitted as.pdf Statement of support by host PhD certificate Ethical Review table Proposal structure

9 9 Early Achievements “track record”  Publication, as main author (at least 1 publication without PhD supervisor) in major international peer-reviewed multi- disciplinary scientific journals and/or in the leading peer- reviewed journals of their respective research fields  Granted patents (if applicable)  Invited presentations into peer-reviewed, internationally established conferences and/or international advanced schools (if applicable)  International Prizes and Awards (if applicable)

10 10 Submission of proposals  Single submission (1 stage, 2 steps)  Electronic submission via EPSS  Early pre-registration strongly recommended  Different deadlines

11 11 Evaluation criteria 1. Quality of Principal Investigator 2. Quality of research project 3. Research environment and resources ** Referees and panels evaluate and score criteria under Heading 1 and Heading 2 numerically which will result in the ranking of the projects: 1-4 per criterion Threshold ≥ 2 per criterion Criteria under Heading 3 will be considered as "pass/fail" and commented but not scored

12 12 Panel structure  3 domains – 25 panels  Applicant submits to a Targeted Panel (of PI choice)  StG Panels distinct from AdG Panels  Two sets of panels, meeting on alternative years

13 13 Interdisciplinary domain Interdisciplinary Research domain (cross-domain & cross-panel)  indicative budget of 13% total budget Proposal submitted to a primary panel Step 1: –Primary panel determines if proposal is “interdisciplinary” –Can take into account if secondary panel is indicated –Possibility to invite reviews from members of other panels Step 2: –Interdisciplinary proposals, if not already funded within panel budget, will be transferred to Interdisciplinary Domain for consideration there

14 14 Evaluation process Step 2 Evaluation - Indiv. assessments - Interdisciplinary flag - Interviews - PANEL MEETINGS - Ranking Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Step 1 Evaluation - Indiv. Assessments - PANEL MEETINGS - Ranking Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Submission + Annexes Eligibility Check Section 1 Section 2 Section 3 Proposal - BProposal – B1+B2Proposal – B1

15 15 Two step evaluation Step 1 –Section 1 of Part B evaluated against Criterion 1 (PI) and 2 (Research Project) –Proposal needs to pass threshold for both criteria to pass to second step In case of major oversubscription, panels may base their preliminary decisions on Form A1T (Track Record) + Extended Synopsis –Evaluated by Panel Members Step 2 –All three sections evaluated against all three evaluation criteria –Evaluated by Panel Members + Remote Evaluators –PIs will be interviewed

16 16 Applicants Services  ERC National Contact Points ISERD website:  WIS Research Authority:  ERC helpdesk:  ERC website: http://erc.europa.eu  EPSS helpdesk:

17 17 Thank you for your Attention

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