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All creatures GREAT and small …. All creatures GREAT and small B Gymnasiou 2009 – 2010 H. Krokou.

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1 All creatures GREAT and small …. All creatures GREAT and small B Gymnasiou 2009 – 2010 H. Krokou

2 An animaL metaL hate- stoRy

3 I knew a frog who told me that Limp bizkit * was shocking like tax Then I told him I’d send some lyrics in a fax He told to me “listen to KoRn*” But I went out to eat some pop-corn This frog is leader in a metal band That’s sinking and he’s trying to find some land I created a group with some other rats But before we played our song we were chased by some cats Things changed and we were chasing Silvestro It was something like a mad maestro

4 When our groups were in the same place We were so much better, he had nowhere to hide his face “I’m the best of the best” was stuck in his mind You have no idea, you’re bliiiiiiiiind, you’re bliiiiiiiiind (There are times that I think) somebody pulls him with a leash So he can’t have a new release That’s the story of two bands …now stand up and clap your hands ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *Limp bizkit--- a metal band *KoRn--- another metal band ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- StathiS VitouLaditiS

5 TURTLE I am a turtle with colour of flame I am slow but finally win the game My skin is similar to a snake Eating grass is not as pleasant as a cake Clean and warm is my house Cause inside there is no-one not even a mouse I live in places that are lush I am so slow, I can’t rush By Despotidis Constantinos and Alex Petropoulos

6 Hamsters Hamsters chew Everything Everywhere Piano string And my hair

7 Every day In every place In every way Grandma’s Lace

8 Hard wood Cables and curtains Anything good Nuts and raisins

9 Sawdust Fingers tiny And at last Buttons shiny

10 Hamsters chew Everything Penelope Karali B’5

11 HELLO THERE MRS HIPPO-POPO- POTAMUS Hello there Mrs Hippo-popo-potamus, How are you feeling now? Are your kids still making a fuss, And playing with that crazy cow?

12 But you shouldn’t crack your hippo-sopo-smile By falling in the hippo-limpo-Limpopo Before you walk a hippo-mopo-mile And eat a hippo-noco-nut

13 You had better varnish your hippo-nopo-nails Clean your yellow teeth and your hippo-jopo-jaw And put ribbons on your children’s hopo-tapo-tails Round their legs, round their tummies and hippo-mopo- more

14 Forgive me Mrs Hippo-popo-potamus But it’s time to go away Let’s talk a little about hippo-cropo-Christmas Another hippo-dapo-day By Penelope Karali Kostandina Salonika

15 PINOCchIO, THE UGLY PRINCESS AND THE FIFTEEN DWARFS Once upon a time Pinocchio liked lime Bought a ticket, which was cheap So he could go on a trip When he reached the woods He was in great moods One old dwarf stood in his way And told him that he had to pay

16 When he paid the money The dwarf told him to follow him so he can have some honey Them he met the other fourteen And realized no-one was a teen They got onto a ship And took part in a volley championship

17 There they saw a long-haired girl Who wore a golden pearl She was a prisoner in a tower Where there was only a shower Then Pinocchio came To save her for the fame

18 But then he saw her ugly face And hit her with a mace Then a bad witch came But the girl wasn’t the same Pinocio was cursed by the witch And turned into a peach By: Petros Karamanlakis Stathis Papadakis Stathis Papadakis

19 SNAKE Thanos Makris John Sakkas Kostas Lampiris

20 I think I saw a snake That was a fake Then I saw a crime At the same time The snake I saw Could not follow the law After searching for two hours I saw two towers Then the snake went to the towers Where there were one thousand flowers!!!

21 The Cat By Maria Kakava

22 There once was a pretty cat Who always wore a red hat When she was in the house She used to chase a mouse, Who had a pink tail It was so beautiful that it seemed like a fairytale One day she caught the little trouble maker And put it into the baker!!!!!!!

23 The Caterpillar By Isaiah Kioiloglou

24 There was once a Caterpillar That was very popurillar She was free And she lived in a very nice tree But one day she turned into a cocoon Until the next full moon Then she was turned into a butterfly And she finally decided to fly!!!

25 The little kitty by Chloe Kountouridou Once upon a time There was a sweetie Little kitty Which lived near New York city But she was so cute and pretty That someone stole her secretly And it was such a pity!

26 by Maria Stathopoulou The parrot by Maria Stathopoulou Hello parrot bright What are you doing tonight I see how you smile But it only lasts for a while Seeing your wings Makes my eye ting And when you are speaking I’m just sleeping I’m looking at you in your cage And I feel so strange If you ever met me Please don’t forget me


28 As small as a bean A nightmare for every teen It loves to eat Always waits for it At night when you sleep It looks for something sweet Its enemy Is the cat named Emily Every night she waits for it To catch it and eat it But the small mouse always runs away And it gets out of the cat’s way Who is chased by the dog Hiding under the big log So the mouse gets the cheese And plays happily with the geese

29 A great thank you to all the students that participated in this assignment. Your teacher!

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