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Kelso High School English Department. Chapter Fifteen.

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1 Kelso High School English Department

2 Chapter Fifteen

3 In today’s lesson we will: Analyse chapter fifteen of the text in relation to: plot characterisation symbolism foreshadowing structure

4 Plot Discuss briefly with your partner the main events of chapter fifteen. Check that your chapter summary notes include all relevant information.

5 Characterisation: Abigail Betrays her family in two ways. Betrays her marriage by being with Len. Betrays her family because when Len is with Abigail at the mall, she is keeping him away from catching Harvey.

6 Characterisation: Abigail Needs Len to help deal with her pain - “ call her mother away from her and from her family and from her grief” - relationship is therefore ruinous and marvellous at the same time. Turns away from her family because of their obsession with Susie. Resents her family because they represent the reason for her failed dreams. Len provides the opportunity for her to “step out of her ruined heart.”

7 Characterisation: Mr Harvey Kills women and children to save them from what he believes are terrible lives. Believes that he only earned his mother’s love when he shoplifted for her. Shown by his murders because he wants his victims to tell him that they love him and then he kills them to (at least in his own mind) set them free.

8 Symbolism Eye Charm - Mr Harvey’s mother gave it to him after they stole it from a roadside memorial. Symbolises that he is always looking for his next victim. Air Filtration System - to Abigail it represents her own heart.

9 Foreshadowing Abigail’s memory of Jack’s office visits and the discussion of heart failure prepares us for his later heart attack. Mr Harvey packing up trophies and throwing away his knife prepare us for his escape before Len can question him.

10 Structure Flashback is used to conjure sympathy for Mr Harvey. They expose his traumatic childhood and reveal his motivations for acting in the way that he does. Is he motivated by a sense that he is being evil?

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