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Kelso High School English Department. Chapter Fourteen.

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1 Kelso High School English Department

2 Chapter Fourteen

3 In today’s lesson we will: Analyse chapter fourteen of the text in relation to: plot characterisation Theme: isolation / Coming of Age symbolism irony

4 Plot Discuss briefly with your partner the main events of chapter fourteen. Check that your chapter summary notes include all relevant information. Chapter illustrates Lindsey’s path after Susie’s death. She distances herself from the social norm until she is the only girl on the boys’ soccer team and someone who will break into a killer’s house.

5 Characterisation: Lindsey Sees breaking into Mr Harvey’s house as a way of moving on from Susie’s death. If the family know the truth, then they can move on. Becomes even closer to her father as they now both believe that Mr Harvey is guilty.

6 Characterisation: Mr Harvey Is his “lust” to kill building again as he is haunting places where there are children? Is he being held back from killing again because he knows that the Salmon family is watching him? Lindsey breaking into his house worries him further.

7 Theme: Isolation Abigail grows even more distant. Lindsey returns from Mr Harvey’s house but she does not even comfort her daughter. She leaves to avoid the truth and so she does not have to relive Susie’s death.

8 Theme: Coming of Age Susie is finally able to face what may help her move on and give up Earth. Franny allows her to meet Mr Harvey’s other victims, to share her story. Each time she shares her experience, she loses the smallest drop of pain.

9 Symbolism “Number 5” - last thing Mr Harvey sees when Lindsey is running away. Symbolises his world coming crashing down. “The Map” - when Franny gives this to Susie it leads her to all Mr Harvey’s other victims. This represents comfort in the fact that Susie now knows that she is not alone.

10 Irony Mr Harvey leaves his house to stalk other children, Lindsey enters to search for the evidence that might convict him.

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