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Informative/Explanatory Writing A Writing Standard.

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1 Informative/Explanatory Writing A Writing Standard

2 Explanatory Writing Differs from Argument Writing because an explanatory response seeks to explain, support, or clarify. The thesis statement for an explanatory essay is factual and objective. It conveys the writer’s purpose to increase readers’ knowledge, not to change their minds.

3 Explanatory Writing requires students to examine and convey complex ideas, concepts, and information clearly and accurately. The purpose of this type of writing is to demonstrate comprehension of a topic, concept, process, or procedure.

4 For Explanatory Writing students write in response to a source, which may be a text or other media such as art, music, charts, or graphs. An effective response requires students to read the “text” closely, in order to demonstrate an understanding of the topic and locate evidence from the “text” to support their response.

5 Explanatory responses may be organized in various ways… Cause/ Effect Problem/ Solution Definition

6 Classification Chronological/ Sequential

7 Compare/Contrast Compare Contrast

8 A Snapshot of Explanatory Tasks Related to Organizational Structures


10 A Snapshot of Content-specific Explanatory Tasks Science Lab Reports- Explain lab observations; compare a process used to another possible process Career Technology Education - Diagram the sequence of steps required to diagnose and troubleshoot malfunctioning equipment.

11 Mathematics Reflections- Contrast the graph you created with a partner and depict the differences you discovered. Music-After listening to recordings of two performances, identify strengths of each performance and give suggestions for improvement in our performance, considering tone, intonation, balance, and articulation.

12 Art- Explain the choices you made as you developed ideas for your portrait. Social Studies- Compare Northern and Southern rationales for the ending or continuation of slavery

13 most content areas and requires students to think, question, and analyze. Explanatory writing is common to

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