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Student Logins And Office 365 Professional Development August 2013.

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1 Student Logins And Office 365 Professional Development August 2013

2 Todays Tips! O Understanding SAISDs Technology O Preparing for Student Use of Technology O Accessing Student Logins and Passwords O Office 365 O Fun and Useful Digital Ideas To Enhance Your Curriculum!

3 This is SAISD Technology Student Success Data Hardware & Software Instructional Technology Operations Internet, Security, And Communications Network & Infrastructure Business Services

4 Preparing for Student Use of Technology According to Federal regulations, we must appropriately filter and supervise student use of electronic systems as is appropriate to their level and capacity. Therefore… Individual logins are necessary so the District may apply appropriate filtering and provide suitable resources within our system & budget capabilities.

5 We comply –and excel -with individual logins.

6 Professional Preparation for Student Use of Technology According to more Federal regulations, teachers must Receive professional training annually for keeping students safe …. online. Deliver 2 lessons to all students before allowing them access to school electronic systems. This training is given at the campus level every year. For more information, please visit the training course at https://saisdecampus. remote- w.php?id=6

7 Understanding Student Logins All students (K-12) have individual, District-assigned logins and passwords. Students must be told what those logins are and how to use them. Teachers provide the information.

8 Understanding Student Logins THE LOGIN THE PASSWORD All student logins follow this formula: First name + last initial + variation of Example: Initial passwords follow this formula: ID # + Campus # Example:

9 Locating Student Information Student Account Manager iData Portal > SAM > Employees > iData

10 Activating K-7 Accounts Student Account Manager Federal Compliance Teachers, After you receive your annual Digital Citizenship training, and after your students have received 2 lessons in this, you must activate K-7 accounts in the Student Account Manager. Its simply a matter of hitting the Activate link, but it is important.


12 FOR STUDENTS! ACCESS IT FROM…WHERE? O Outlook , including calendar, task list, and folders O Microsoft Office software in the cloud, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and One Note O Cloud storage, called SkyDrive O At school, at home…anywhere with internet O The central point of reference is at > Student


14 instanton-demandshareablestorableretrievable



17 Anywhere Access Protection and Compliance Visibility and Control

18 Inline reply lets you compose while staying in context Stay on task with Quick Peeks that give you access to your calendar, people and tasks without leaving your inbox Improved navigation bar for quick access while taking less space Touch Mode adds more space and finger friendly Quick Actions

19 Share




23 See who else is working with you More ribbon options and contextual ribbons Navigate the document via comments and reply in-line

24 Manage permissions

25 Classroom Integration Ideas Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel 1. Compose a story/news article/book 2. Expand vocabulary within any written work using the thesaurus, creating flash cards, illustrating them… 3. Create a resume for any famous person in history 4. Compare and contrast any two (or more) things using a Venn diagram 5. Design a postcard highlighting your school, local community, or state 6. Publish a class or grade "newspaper" or student-produced newsletter or flyer 1. Document progress 2. Make a "real world" budget 3. Create calculations 4. Strategize for a fund-raiser by working with supply, demand, and price 5. Build a list of public officials, helpful phone numbers, or an event timeline 6. Measure and record data to show cumulative results for a across the hall curricula competition

26 Classroom Integration Ideas Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft One Note 1. Animate a process 2. Play an interactive game 3. Create a calendar for a fictional or historical event with graphics 4. Deliver a report with standard elements 5. Create a logo for a project or organization 6. Review a lesson with visuals 7. Provide evidence of an outcome 8. Use audio and video to demonstrate learning 1. Its a digital notebook 2. Embed files, pictures, documents, videos, and more 3. Use tables and charts 4. Add tabs for quick reference 5. Import, export, and print


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