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Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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1 Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, East Timor, Brunei, Singapore, and Indonesia.



4 Climate

5 Population Density


7 Human Development Index (Very High) Singapore - #26 Brunei - #33

8 Human Development Index Malaysia - #61 (High) Thailand - #103 (Medium)

9 Human Development Index Myanmar- #149 (Low) Vietnam- #128 (Medium)

10 Migration Indian Influence: merchants & monks attracted by kingdoms of the Mons & Khmers – Buddhism remains strong Muslim Influence: traders from Arabia brought Islam, created strong ties among island nations Chinese Influence: many migrated from China, but left little influence, except in Vietnam, considered foreigners barbarians

11 Europeans Bring Change Euros wanted Asian products (coffee, tea, raw materials) Encouraged expanding paddies Built roads Tensions b/w indigenous ppl and immigrants

12 Myanmar (Burma) 68% Burman, speak Burmese British took control 1800s – 1948 Ethnic insurgents (ppl who rebel against the govt) Weak economy b/c repressive military govt Aung San Suu Kyi fighting for democracy

13 Thailand 85% Thai, strong national ID 95% Buddhist Only country not colonized by Europe, b/c treaties Sided against Communism Diverse economy Tourism (Bangkok) Transportation hub for region Travel by boat is VERY common

14 Vietnam Almost all Vietnamese Buddhist Part of French Indochina Ho Chi Minh declared independence from France in 1945 1986- Doi Moi: economic program to attract foreign investors Now largest exporter of rice

15 Vietnam War Ho Chi Minh – N. Vietnam – Communist Ngo Dinh Diem – S. Vietnam – Republic US wanted S. Vietnam free of Communism – US withdrew in 1973 1975 Vietnam reunited under Communism

16 By the late 1970’s most Americans didn’t want the U.S. to go to war even to prevent the spread of communism.

17 People working at factories that made weapons like cluster bombs thought it was wrong and that is was hard to take pride in a product that left thousands of Vietnamese people with painful wounds, loss of limbs, or even dead.

18 Vietnamese Boat People Boat People: someone who comes to the United States in a crudely made boat, usually illegally, but may be a refugee Many Vietnamese came to the USA as boat people after the Vietnam War

19 Laos Home to the Lao, Tai, Hmong, Mon, Yao, and Khmer ppl Buddhist French Indochina Pulled into Vietnam war USA dropped more bombs on Laos than on Japan and Germany combined during WWII

20 Cluster Bombs in Laos Dropped during Vietnam War Mini bombs in a big bombs, many didn’t blow up when they hit the ground and are detonating now

21 Cambodia Khmer ethnic group Buddhist Indochina Khmer Rouge: murdered 1-2 mil out of 7mil b/c not communist

22 Indonesia Cultural heterogeneity 250 languages 13,660 islands Member of OPEC Strong military govt 4 th largest population in the world

23 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami 1. 9.0 earthquake in Indian Ocean on Dec. 26, 2004 2. Hit 11 countries including Africa 3. 50 ft high 4. Killed 150,000 people 5. Tsunami Video Tsunami Video

24 Kombai Tree People Live in Sumatra, Jakarta, Kalimantan, and Papua New Guinea Live in trees to escape the heat, mosquitoes, and monsoon floods Indonesian government supports deforestation – destroying their homes

25 Cyanide Fishing Use cyanide to stun the fish – began in the 1970s Illegal because it kills the coral VERY profitable - $300 a plate at many restaurants for the famous Coral Grouper Fish Indonesia is supposed to regulate this

26 Philippines Cultural heterogeneity 70 languages (Filipino/ English official) 7,100 islands Long colonial rule by Spanish (300 yrs) Under USA from 1898- 1946 83% Catholic High birthrate

27 Mt. Pinatubo 1991 2 nd largest eruption of the 20 th century Released millions of tons of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere Caused a worldwide decrease in temperature for the next few years The US experienced its coldest winter in 77 years in 1992

28 Singapore Smallest country in SE Asia – 1 large city on 1 big island & 50 smaller ones Deep, natural, sheltered harbor Important trade route b/w Europe & E. Asia British trading post Currently important international trade & manufacturing center

29 Malaysia Oil reserves create revenue for developing manufacturing and agriculture Machinery & transportation equipment

30 Brunei 50% of wealth comes from oil & natural gas Free schooling Free medical care

31 East Timor Democratic Republic formerly owned by the Portuguese Mostly Catholic Slash and burn technique = deforestation, 8% arable land Was part of Indonesia until 1999 when freed by the United Nations

32 Chinese Immigrants Many Chinese migrate to Southeast Asia for better job opportunities Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore have high numbers of Chinese immigrants

33 ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations: promotes growth and peace in the region

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