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Dict- (To Speak).

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1 Dict- (To Speak)

2 Con tra dict Dic ta tion Dic ta tor Dic tion Dic tion ar y Dic tum Ed ict In dict ment Pre dict Ver dict

3 contradict (v) To speak Against Say the opposite
The witnesses’ statements contradict each other and the facts remain unclear.

4 dictation (n) words written down As someone says it
Exactly the same words The meeting was being recorded so the secretary could take dictation.

5 dictator (n) A person A leader who speaks and rules with TOTAL power
The cruel dictator forced the man to bow to him as a sign of respect.

6 diction (n) The way or Manner in which something is expressed in words
Pronunciation The actor’s diction was so poor, I could hardly understand what she was saying.

7 dictionary (n) A reference book Spoken or written words are defined
When I find a word I don’t know in my AR book, I use a dictionary to find out what it means.

8 dictum (n) A ruling or statement Given by a judge
The judge follows the dictum of “innocent until proven guilty.”

9 edict (n) Public words Issued by an Official that explain
A law or command The king issued an edict that all healthy, young men must fight in the war.

10 indictment (n) Formal words Spoken or written by a jury that charge a
Person with a crime The grand jury handed down the indictment to the man suspected of robbery.

11 predict (v) To say What will happen Before it occurs
Before we read our Read Naturally article, we predict what the story is about.

12 verdict (n) The decision Made by a jury or Said by a judge
Guilty or not guilty The jury issued a verdict of “not guilty,” so the famous actress did not have to go to jail.

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