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Bureau of Indian Affairs Data Availability and Translation

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1 Bureau of Indian Affairs Data Availability and Translation
Dave Wilson Sr. Inventory Forester USDOI – Bureau of Indian Affairs Branch of Forest Resources Planning Lakewood, CO Acknowledgements Karen DeBord, BIA Don Vandendriesche, USFS-FMSC Presented at the Third Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference. Fort Colins, CO. 2007

2 Indian Forestry Twelve regions nationally
Basically have three versions of the data conversion utility for plot data Eastern US Western US (except the Northwest) Northwest Region Conversion utilities for stand level inventories

3 Forest Inventories in Indian Country
320 forested reservations Largest 5.3 million acres Smallest is 3 acres 81 reservations with permanent plot inventories (CFI) Other reservations with significant forest acres have temporary plot inventories Minor forested reservations have temporary plot inventories or stand level inventories Most reservations have stand level inventory

4 Role of the Branch of Forest Resources Planning
Assist in the measurement of the inventory When requested, process the field data Regression analysis Volume calculations Create FVS-ready data files Deploy analysis package to reservation Train field staff on applications The objective is to put the tools into the hands of the field foresters

5 Use of FVS in Inventory Analysis
Used in conjunction with standard BIA analysis suite Inventory is first benchmarked using the BIA programs Determines the current condition of forest Measured trends on forest Monitor of management practices Used in modeling management alternatives, calculation of allowable cut

6 Data Conversion Utility
Creates Tree Files for FVS ASCII Text file format Tree files generated for all measurement intervals Three versions of tree files created Gross volumes – allows for the problem fields to be used for other uses such as DMR Net volumes – uses two problem fields for cubic and board defect “Special” dataset – used to combine defect (cubic) and tree problem

7 Data Conversion (con’t)
SLF files are generated using plot level data from the inventory Can be programmed to use most current data or the data collected at time of measurement Grouping fields are programmed for each reservation

8 Text Files vs. Database Programming the generation of text files allows for more control over the coding of data fields Conversion of CFI codes to FVS Special codes used in problem fields

9 Inventory Package Folder Structure


11 Linking it all together

12 Presuppose Special sorting is done through Presuppose
Allows for the generation of FVS run based on any plot level information Develops a sort file that can be used in the BIA CFI applications along with the FVS analysis

13 Developing Data Sort

14 Reviewing and Saving Results

15 Running through FVS

16 Results CFI SVS FVS

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