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NRIS FSVEG Data Translation

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1 NRIS FSVEG Data Translation
Third Forest Vegetation Simulator Conference Richard Teck

2 A Decade Ago……. In 1997, the Forest Service set out on a significant undertaking to: Set agency wide standards for natural resource information Data collection Data storage Data management What emerged was something called NRIS

3 The NRIS Story What is NRIS Set of databases and tools for Vegetation
Soils & Geology Air & Water Fauna Threatened, Endangered, Sensitive (TES) Invasives Social & Economic

4 NRIS FSVEG Field Sampled Vegetation (FSVeg) Module
Oracle database to store data from: Stand Examinations (CSE) Grid based strategic inventories Permanent re-measured inventory plots Special insect & disease surveys

5 FSVEG Common Stand Exam (CSE)
National consistency for stand examinations Collection protocols Standard code sets Common storage format National CSE user Guide National Portable Data Recorder (PDR) software

6 NRIS FSVEG Stores Information for Settings (stands/plots) Trees Fuels
Understory vegetation Surface cover Site productivity Insect & pathogens Sample designs

7 NRIS FSVEG Timeline First Official Release Nine Releases
March 2000 Version 1.4.0 Nine Releases Latest Release Version 1.7 January, 2005 Future Release Version 1.8 FS-NITC June, 2007 National Data Center











18 Process Creates FVS input files
Fsveg_fvs.mdb Suppose.loc Fsveg.kcp Fsveg.slf

19 Where is NRIS FSVEG Headed?

20 FS-NITC and I-Web National Data Center in Kansas City
Entire Agency’s data in one physical location Virtual Private Database (VPD) E-Authentication Change Management Should be easier/quicker to incorporate changes (fixes, enhancements, etc…)

21 FSVEG FVS DB Link Change Management

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