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Social Enterprise North West / NWDA Presentation to NWISP Val Jones and Jo Bowen-Jones Hopefully Everything you want to Know about Social Enterprise.

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1 Social Enterprise North West / NWDA Presentation to NWISP Val Jones and Jo Bowen-Jones Hopefully Everything you want to Know about Social Enterprise.

2 Definition of Social Enterprise Social Enterprises are businesses trading for social and environmental purposes. They are driven by social and/or environmental mission focused on the community they serve “Trading for People and Planet” is the strap line for the recently launched Social Enterprise Mark Not for private profit Rogue Traders

3 History The pioneers of social enterprise can be traced as far back to the1840s, at least, in Rochdale, where a workers' co-operative was set up to provide high quality affordable food in response to factory conditions that were considered to be exploitative. In the UK, a resurgence of social enterprise started in the late 1990s with the coming together of different traditions, including co-operatives, community enterprises, enterprising voluntary organisations and other forms of social business.

4 About Social Enterprise North West Social Enterprise North West, SENW, has been established as a regional network and its directors include representatives of social enterprise networks from across the region. SENW achieves accountability to the sector through direct links to the accountable Social Enterprise networks like the Development Trust Association and Cooperatives North West. Values We’re In Business for Good To raise the profile of social enterprise in the North West of England. To represent the interests of the North West of England’s social enterprise sector. To encourage mutual support, inter-trading, sharing of best practice, training and development opportunities between social enterprises. To work with local, regional, national transnational bodies to strengthen the social enterprise sector.

5 Where do we fit in

6 Partners SENW Sub regional partners Business Link NWDASEKE SE Coalition NWISP Office of Civil Society

7 National Picture 9 regional SE bodies (SEKE) Social Enterprise Coalition Co-ops UK Development Trusts Association Social Firms UK National Housing Federation Association of British Credit Unions CIC Association

8 Some Statistics According to figures from the Government's Annual Small Business Survey 2005 - 2007:  There are 62,000 social enterprises in the UK   contributing £24bn to the UK output.  Social enterprises account for 5% of all businesses  Employ 800,000 people  15% of Social Enterprises are in the East of England

9 NWDA – primary funder and only RDA to have a Social Enterprise Manager Social Enterprise NW (SENW) – cluster organisation and “voice” for social enterprises in NW Together Works – Greater Manchester Social Enterprise Network (SEN) - Merseyside The Social Enterprise Lancashire Network (Selnet) Cheshire & Warrington Social Enterprise Partnership Cumbria’s Social Enterprise Partnership The Development Trust Association Co-operatives NW The Social Enterprise Loan Fund (TSELF) Business Link NW (BLNW) Support Infrastructure in Northwest

10 NWDA, Social Enterprise NW and it’s Partners plus Business Link NW working together to support the Social Enterprise sector NWDA and Business Link NW attend the Partner and SENW’s Board Meetings Proactive rather than reactive approach Co-ordinated Approach in Northwest

11 Business Link NW have produced an action plan to engage with the social enterprise sector lead by BLNW’s Operations Director Developed SE Champions within their Universal and Business Advisor teams Training and development days delivered by SE sector plus joint events with SE sub- regional partnerships BLNW attends SENW Partner meetings and SENW Board meetings Better engagement and understanding is a key driver of the OTS SE Business Support Improvement Programme Business Link NW and Social Enterprise

12 Pre and post start (up to 3 years) through NWDA’s Intensive Start Up Support Programme (ISUS) £35 million programme 2009 to 2014 Many of the Local Authorities have contributed additional funding Social Enterprise is a Regional Economic Strategy priority group Regional programme with local delivery - approx 50% of providers are social enterprises Accessed through Business Link NW 0845 00 66 888 Start Up Support for Social Enterprise

13 High Growth Knowledge Based Start Up programme 2008 to Aug 2011 Just under £10 million, £7m SIP and £3m ERDF Delivered by Winning Pitch 120 associates across the region Accessed through BLNW Referrals from banks, word of mouth etc 670 Start Ups and 900 early stage (less than 3 years trading) Start Up Support cont.

14 Social Enterprise Networking and Collaboration March 2008 to April 2010 £1.241 Single Programme, ERDF and OTS One year extension requested - £1,000,000 (50% SIP 50% ERDF) – Approved and Contracted! Current Support Programmes for Social Enterprise

15 Social Enterprise Growth Mid 2010 to mid 2013 Potentially £1.472m Single Programme, ERDF and Office of the Civil Society (OCS) – was OTS Social Enterprise Mapping in NW plus workshops with sub- regional Partnerships undertaken Pilot being delivered by BCT Regenesis providing in depth diagnostic and up to 5 days consultancy to 20 social enterprises across NW Subject to NWDA investment decision Future Programmes

16 Diagnostic and up to five days specialist consultancy Master Classes and action learning sets Peer to peer mentoring Procurement assistance Financial diversification workshops Developing consortia Possibly bursaries for Women’s Business Centre Quality Standard and Social Enterprise Mark Majority of services will be procured – opportunity for the sector to deliver services Support

17 Faithful Enterprise Sept 2010 to Sept 2013 £900 K over the 3 years – Single Programme and Church Urban Fund Specialist consultancy support to social enterprises/community organisations linked to multi-faith organisations Investment fund provided by the Church Urban Fund Subject to NWDA investment decision Future Programmes cont.

18 SENW Programme Intermediate business support (sub regional) Master Classes Networking events thematic workshops Social Landlord procurement events Peer 2 peer Mentoring Consortia Development Financial Diversification Micro Coaching Transnational (Merseyside)

19 Network Information Cumbria – Rob Randell - Lancashire – Liz Tapner- Gtr Manchester – Andy Wynne Merseyside – Peter Morton - Cheshire & Warrington Kevin Janes DTA – Jeff Scales – Coops North West – Jo Bird - SENW – Val Jones

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