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+ Policy 6000.1 Student Progression Plan CAAC Meeting March 18, 2015.

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1 + Policy 6000.1 Student Progression Plan CAAC Meeting March 18, 2015

2 + Agenda Membership Adoption Process Topics 2

3 + Membership Robert W. Runcie Superintendent of Schools Brian Kingsley Acting Chief Academic Officer Ralph Aiello Committee Chairperson 754-321-2587 District Staff (10) School Counseling Literacy Math, Science and Gifted ESOL ESE CTACE Student Services Assessment and Research OSPA – Cadre Directors 3

4 + Membership (cont.) Principals (5) Elementary Middle High Center At-Large (HS) Instructional (5) BTU Teacher – MS BTU Teacher – HS TBD (3) Students (2) Stranahan High School Looping Organizations (5) DAC PTA ESOL ESE Gifted 4

5 + Voting Members Last NameFirst NameOrganization JacksonLewElementary Principals NesmithLeoMiddle Principals LaCasseJohnHigh School Principals HopeBelindaCenter Principals LeonSusanAt-Large Principals BeharryDanaDAC MayersohnRobertPTA GomezMarciaESOL Advisory KingDonESE Advisory NewmeyerVeronicaGifted Advisory AllenCoraBTU - HS MoonabShafezaBTU - MS Last NameFirst NameOrganization AlbeeLisaSchool Counseling AcquavitaTeriLiteracy RodriguezZuzel Math, Science, & Gifted FernandezYvetteESOL McGarryTerenceStudent Services KoblickJaniceESE ValdezEnidCTACE BoldenChrisOSPA BaumRichard Assessment & Research AielloRalphChairperson CalahatianJustineStudents 3 Instructional, 1 Student 5

6 + Policy Adoption Process Submitted Issues (January 28) Committee Meetings Workshop #1 (February 24) Committee Meetings Looping Process Workshop #2 (May 12) Committee Meetings Reading #1 (June 23) Committee Meetings April 1 Looping Debrief April 15 SBWS 2 Prep April 29 SBWS 2 Final May 13 SBWS 2 Debrief May 27 Reading 1 Prep June 10 Reading 1 Final June 24 Celebration 6

7 + Topics Policy Reformatting Grading Charts Obsolete Double Retentions ES World Languages MS World Languages Seal of Biliteracy Elementary Promotion MS Computer Competency RTI/MTSS – DJJ Mandates Marking Period Grading Minus/A+ Grades Special Diploma Local Assessments Exam Exemptions HS in MS in Local GPA 7

8 + Policy Reformatting Revise policy layout Reorder subsections Table of contents User-friendly format Hyperlinks Recommendation: Redesign policy to be more user-friendly 8

9 + Grading Charts GPAUsage State District SUS (Core) Bright Futures NCAA Graduation Class Rank University Admissions Scholarships College Athletics 9 Recommendation: Move the various grading charts from the procedural manual to policy

10 + GPA Charts (cont.) Course TypesAdditional Considerations District HS - Semester State HS EOC - Year District MS State MS EOC - Civics ESE Waivers Exam Exemptions Various Bell Schedules Year-round Schools 10 Recommendation: Move the various GPA formulas from the procedural manual to policy

11 + Obsolete Retention Language Remove obsolete language related to multiple retentions in third grade. In 2014, Florida Statute established a maximum of one retention per grade level in elementary school. “Second Year Retentions” are no longer possible Recommendation: Remove references to second year retentions in the same elementary grade level 11

12 + Elementary Promotion Criteria Revise promotion criteria for elementary grade levels Update: Assessments Criteria Administration order Dr. Teri Acquavita Curriculum Supervisor, Literacy K-12 754-321-1854 Recommendation: Revise policy to align with new assessment titles, scoring and administration order 12

13 + Elementary World Languages School Board Workshop request Consider requiring world language instruction in all elementary schools Costs and scheduling issues are the major obstacles Hiring teachers Books, materials, lessons, etc. Professional development Support structures Core and remediation requirements Other “specials” (e.g, PE, Music, Art) Recommendation: No change to policy. Encourage schools to offer world languages based upon school needs 13

14 + Middle School World Languages Revise the required high school course offerings in middle schools to include “a World Language”, not specifically “Spanish 1” Request is to change Spanish to “a World Language.” Blanca Guerra World Languages Curriculum Supervisor 754-321-2451 Recommendation: No change to policy 14

15 + Seal of Biliteracy Superintendent Request Award for proficiency in two or more languages Evidence of attractive skills for employers Promotes cultural awareness Prepares students for college and career readiness For native English speakers or non-native English speakers Establish criteria aligned to national programs Recommendation: Recognize biliteracy at graduation using standardized criteria 15

16 + RTI/MTSS for DJJ returnees Require RTI/MTSS interventions for returning Juvenile Assessment Center (JAC) and DJJ students School Board Member request David Watkins, Director 754-321-1650 Recommendation: Require interventions as part of policy 16

17 + Marking Period Grading Clarify which marking period(s) a teacher may assign a student grade Example: Can a grade earned during the 2 nd Quarter factor into a student’s final grade in the 3 rd Quarter? Recommendation: No change to policy. Issue will be referred to the Collective Bargaining Agreement Committee to include proper notification of teacher grading systems to students in a timely manner. 17

18 + B-, C-, D-, and A+ Grades School Board member request The State does not recognize letter grades other than A, B, C, D, or F BCPS locally recognizes “plus” grades of B+, C+, and D+ Request is to consider expanding the grading scale to include B-, C-, D- and A+ grades. Recommendation: No change to the current grading scale 18

19 + MS Computer Competency School Board member request Currently, there is not a requirement for middle school students to demonstrate computer competency prior to promotion to 9 th grade. Request is to consider requiring middle school students to demonstrate computer competency prior to promotion to high school. Recommendation: No change to the middle school promotion requirements 19

20 + Special Diploma Elimination Due to statutory changes, eliminate the Special Diploma and Special Diploma Certificate of Completion graduation options (14-15 cohort and thereafter) Students entering 9th grade in 2014-15 and thereafter will pursue a Standard Diploma Recommendation: Change policy to align with statutory requirements. 20

21 + Local Assessments Define how student progression will be impacted by the statutorily required "Local Assessments” F.S. 1008.22(6)(a-e) requires the District to assess students’ levels of mastery at the appropriate rigor level for each course offered in the District F.S. 1012.34(3)(a)(1) requires 50% of VAM scores to be derived from student performance on the Local Assessments Recommendation: Local Assessments will impact student progression based upon the already established criteria for each type of assessment utilized. Local Assessments will not additionally impact student progression. 21

22 + HS Exam Exemptions Revision or elimination of exam exemptions Need to consider: State EOC courses Mid-Term Number of exemptions allowed Local Assessment exemptions Standardized application deadlines Recommendation: TBD 22

23 + HS in MS – GPA inclusion Consider excluding high school credits and grades earned prior to 9 th grade from the District's Weighted Grade Point Average (WGPA) calculation School Board request The District’s WGPA is used for class ranking Recommendation: No change to policy 23

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