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Formative Assessment: Required for Learning TCEA 2015 8:00 Room 8C Session #150921 or

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1 Formative Assessment: Required for Learning TCEA 2015 2/2/2015 @ 8:00 Room 8C Session #150921 or enter code 89 57 48

2 Resources Available Edmodo Group – Formative Assessment – 85qs88 Join Code (will be locked after the session will need to use the Join URL Address if accessing after the end of the session) – Join URL Address

3 Formative assessments are commonly contrasted with summative assessments, which are used to evaluate student learning progress and achievement at the conclusion of a specific instructional period—usually at the end of a project, unit, course, semester, program, or school year. In other words, formative assessments are for learning, while summative assessments are of learning. Hidden curriculum (2014, August 26). In S. Abbott (Ed.), The glossary of education reform. Retrieved from

4 Or as assessment expert Paul Black put it, “When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative assessment. When the customer tastes the soup, that’s summative assessment.”

5 Some Types Questioning Discussion Exit/Admit Slips Logs Peer/Self Assessment Quizzes

6 Uses Refocus students on the learning process Encourage students to build their strengths Help students become more aware of their learning needs, strengths, and interests Help students take greater responsibility over their own educational growth Give students more detailed, precise, and useful information

7 Today’s Topics Polling Back Channel Wall Posting Quizzes Combination

8 Polling SiteSymbolWebKey Points Teacher needs account Students need account Free Poll Free version limited to 40 responses per poll Teacher needs account Free version limited to 2 questions in a row Free version allows unlimited number of voters Teacher needs account

9 Edmodo Create a poll question

10 Emodo

11 Edmodo Anonymous results Students do not see results until they have selected (unless you are projecting your screen)

12 Poll Everywhere Plan Comparison https://www.polleveryw /k-12 https://www.polleveryw /k-12

13 Poll Everywhere Multiple Choice True/False Open Ended – If creating a word cloud, use a hyphen or tilde to connect words Clickable Images

14 Mentimeter Plan Comparison https://www.mentimeter. com

15 Mentimeter – FREE Version Unlimited number of voters 2 questions in a row Multiple choice question Open ended questions – Limited to 140 characters

16 Mentimeter


18 Back Channel/Wall Posting SiteSymbolWebKey Points Today’s Guest or Create Account If signed in can close a room early can access transcripts after the room is closed can delete a post 140 character limit 81 Educator needs an account to create a room Students can register or be a guest 160 character limit Answer Create Give link or embed No account required 20 character limit Can turn moderation on and set password

19 Today’s Meet Teacher Account (upgrade)

20 Today’s Meet

21 Today’s Meet When signed-in – Can close a room early – Can delete a post – Deleted posts do NOT show on transcript

22 81Dash

23 Great support site

24 81Dash Mozila firefox, Google chrome, Safari – Preferred browsers Name Room Length of room – 1 day to 1 year Upload students or give them address Guest users and uploaded users do not need email addresses Only room creators can create a Dash Task Dash Notes are private to the individual user – Anyone can create a Dash Note

25 81Dash – Transcript Examples

26 Answer Garden Create a new Answer Garden Share or embed the empty Answer Garden Reponses will make your Answer Garden grow

27 Wall Posting Padlet – – Formally WallWisher – Teacher creates account – Teacher creates wall – Share the link

28 Padlet Padlet – Free – Teacher account Padlet Backpack – Upgrade – Haven’t used Chrome Extension Walls only removed when you delete them

29 Padlet

30 Padlet

31 Padlet Basic Info – Portrait, title, description Wallpaper – Background for wall Layout – 3 choices Privacy – Who do you want to see your wall – Can invite another to be an “Administer” of the wall – Moderate posts before going live Notifications – If you wish to know when someone posts on your wall Address – The URL to access your wall – You can change what is assigned Copy – Allows you to duplicate the wall with or without posts Delete – Delete the posts or the wall

32 Padlet - https://padlet.com

33 Quizzes SiteSymbolWebKey Points Teacher needs account Students need account Free 2 options Quiz Snapshot Only teacher needs app iPad or Android Students have cards Kahoot Create a Kahoot Access via browser Pin to enter

34 Edmodo Teacher and students need a FREE account Students do NOT need e-mails Teacher creates a group Students join teachers group 2 options – Quiz – Snapshot

35 Edmodo Quiz Select Quiz Tab Create quiz or use questions you have already created Sharing quizzes between teachers is in Beta – Edmodo Ambassadors are testing

36 Edmodo Quiz

37 Edmodo Question Types True/False Multiple Choice Short Answer Fill in the Blank Matching

38 Edmodo Snapshot Math & ELA Common Core Texas TEKS FREE PAID

39 Edmodo Snapshot ELA – 3 rd – 12 th Math – 3 rd Grade - Precalculus

40 Plickers Teacher installs app iPad (iPhone app) or Android Use web site to actually create (easier) Create classes Create questions Students use cards – A,B, C, D – Cards are numbered and assigned to a student

41 Plickers Load App Create class Create questions Ask question Scan cards (hold device vertically, portrait mode)

42 Live View Display question and answer choices Share real-time responses Checkmarks indicate who has answered Graph view – class results Show answer – reveal correct/incorrect answers

43 Card Options Standard Expanded Large Font Large Cards Large Cards Expanded

44 Kahoot Game-based classroom response system Create FREE account Quiz, Discussion, Survey

45 Kahoot Quiz – Time Per Question 5 – 120 seconds – Points or No Points – Add Questions Can have an image for the question – Can reorder questions after making – Settings when you are ready to launch

46 Kahoot Launch Pin Generated Join at Enter Pin Enter Nickname Join Game “You’re In!” will display Your name will appear on screen Once players are in “Launch” game

47 Kahoot List of your quizzes Public Kahoots to select from as well

48 Kahoot

49 Combination SiteSymbolWebKey Points Take a Poll Take a Quiz Reply to a Post Immediate feedback Space Race game Quiz options Take a Poll InfuseLearning www.infuselearning. com Infuse Draw response Infuse Link Audio to read questions Room number for each class

50 Edmodo We covered these features previously – Take a Quiz – Take a Snapshot Not covered previously – Reply to a post

51 Socrative Teacher side and student side iPad app works well One room name Quizzes- teacher or student paced Import your own quiz Space Race

52 Socrative Quizzes Choose Manage Quizzes to create or import Question options: multiple choice, true/false, short answer Add images to questions Quick Question Exit ticket Space Race game

53 Socrative Quizzes Create Quiz

54 Space Race Rocket, bear, bike or bee to race Auto assign groups or student assign groups

55 Socrative Garden Socrative community shared quizzes (1000+) Great source of information / FAQs Socrative video library tutorials User guide

56 InfuseLearning Quick questions Infuse Draw Infuse Link Quiz options: draw, true/false, multiple choice, likert scale, sort/order, numeric, text answer Set up classes Different room numbers

57 Quick Assessment Question options

58 Infuse Draw

59 Class Management Open enrollment Add class with template Separate room numbers

60 Special Features Bad word filter Shuffle Display results

61 Special Features Preferences- Audio in 5 languages

62 Evaluation Please remember to complete the evaluation for TCEA Formative Assessment: Required for Learning Session # 150921 Door Prizes Provided by Califone

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