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Before the Workshop: Make a Copy of the Google Presentation from Edmodo Make edits to include YOUR profile information Add Group Join Code for Training.

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1 Before the Workshop: Make a Copy of the Google Presentation from Edmodo Make edits to include YOUR profile information Add Group Join Code for Training Group (slide 11) Any other edits that are necessary Create a Training Group for this particular Workshop Prepare Your Group For Members Post a Welcome Message Post a Poll about Participant Edmodo experience Create and Share a Folder of resources that participants can use to get started Include a Copy of the Agenda (view only) Include your copy of the Presentation Add any other resources you find appropriate

2 Welcome to Edmodo: Snapshot Workshop

3 Edmodo’s mission is to connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential

4 Mariana Gomez and Melissa Griffith
Support Teacher….. Instructional Technology Specialist Please insert your own information here! Create your own slide or take a screenshot of your profile in Edmodo.

5 Please view the Edmodo Snapshot Agenda here
Workshop Outcomes By successfully completing this workshop, participants will be able to: Engage learners in a familiar social learning environment Measure progress with the formative assessment tool Snapshot Personalize learning with easy to use Content Recommendations Please view the Edmodo Snapshot Agenda here Read Objectives Go Over Agenda

6 What is Edmodo? Professional Learning Network Professional Development
Global, School, and District Communities Private PLC groups Professional Development Face-to-face PD Backchannel Online courses Classroom Instruction Digital Citizenship Blended and Personalized Learning Share the three main use cases for Edmodo. Emphasize using Edmodo for PLCs and PD models 21st century learning with teachers, therefore is a great way to get them started and using Edmodo with their students.

7 Why Edmodo? Engage Connect Personalize Measure
Edmodo is designed to get students excited about learning as teachers easily create a blended learning experience. Connect Teachers are at the center of a powerful network that connects them to students, parents, administrators and publishers. Personalize Edmodo offers engaging, easy-to-use apps that integrate seamlessly and personalize learning for every student. Measure Edmodo makes it simple to track student progress. Teachers can get the pulse of the class through quizzes, discussion and more.

8 Anytime, Anywhere Learning
Mention as a best practice: - Use full web version for most of your planning (as a Teacher) -Mobile apps have been designed for a BYOD or 1:1 environment where students are actively engaging in the backchannel (voting on polls, submitting assignments, etc..)

9 Edmodo is the largest social learning network in the world
44,000,000+ TOTAL USERS AROUND THE WORLD Proof!! Growth is exponential and mostly through grassroots communication teacher-teacher. When teachers love something, they share about it.

10 Create Your Teacher Account
Create a teacher account if you are a teacher, administrator, or have another role in education Show on slide. Go to and walk through the process of creating a New teacher account. If they have a subdomain, direct them to subdomain address Then login to your personal account. Demo on Webpage

11 Join Our Training Group
Log into If you are asked for a “school code” see the school code list to find the code for your school site. Join the Group From your homepage, click + next to “Groups” in the left side panel, then click “Join” and enter group code: 5sm4rj **Update the GROUP CODE and SUBDOMAIN for your specific session!** Show on slide. Update the Group Code. Then, Demo on webpage Have participants join group Remind teachers not to share these with students! Have them vote on the Edmodo experience poll and send a note to the group with introductions

12 Update Your Account Settings
Customize or text notifications Click the drop-down arrow to access settings Upload a photo or an avatar Select your School Show on Slide. Then, Demo on webpage Show Participants how to Change Settings: Change account information and Text Notifications Password and Privacy

13 View your badges - earn more by using Edmodo in new ways!
Create Your Profile View your badges - earn more by using Edmodo in new ways! Tell others about yourself- add your role in education, interests, websites, blogs, Twitter, etc. Show on Slide. Then, Demo on webpage Show how to change Profile: Change Picture Update “About Me” section Explain Badges

14 Customize your Notifications per Group
Select “Gear Icon” to Customize Show on Slide. Then, Demo on webpage Show adjusting notification settings by group Show adjusting notifications by entire account Tell them turn notifications back on after demo

15 Teacher Homepage Post assignments, reminders, polls, or discussion questions Store unlimited content for easy sharing and re-use Create groups for classes, clubs, PLCs, online courses, etc. Demo this page. Hover over and briefly explain Progress Hover over and briefly explain Discovery Hover over and briefly explain Library Hover over and briefly explain Notes, Alerts, Assignments, Quiz

16 Get Verified Verification Process Create Groups Today
To be able to create student groups (K-8th grade), you must be verified. Create Groups Today If you are not verified immediately, you can still create groups that are 9th grade - higher education. If you are K-8 teacher, please create a higher education group today and change the information in settings after you are verified. Please update all members of training group to Co-teacher status. This is a workaround so that they can be automatically verified and start working on creating their student groups today!!

17 “Create” or “Join” Groups
Managing your Groups Create and Manage Groups Invite Teachers and Students Create Notes to Group “Create” or “Join” Groups Read slide Mention that Help Center Articles are linked within Slide

18 Create Groups 1. Select the “+” in Groups section
2. Complete group information 3. Distribute Group Code or “Join Group” URL to members Show on Slide. Then Demo on webpage Create Group and fill in information Talk about the difference in Group Code/Join URLs Have Participants write down their Group Code

19 Student Sign-Up NEW Students use your group code to register for a new account Students who ALREADY HAVE AN ACCOUNT can log in and click the “+” Students are NOT required to give address …And then enter the group code to join group Show on Slide. Then, Demo on webpage Show Student sign up from Show Student adding a group if already created account Have Participants Create a Test Student Account Write Down their JOIN CODE Join their Newly Created Group Log out of Student Account and Back Into Teacher Account

20 Complete all of these tasks!
Create Teacher Account Update Settings, Profile, and Account Information Change your Notifications Create YOUR Group for Student/PD Use Create one Post to this Group Respond in the Training Group Introduce yourself in a Post to the training group Reply to at least one of your peers Leave this slide up while group works on the action items

21 Where are we going next? Use Frequent, Formative Assessments Checking for Understanding Snapshot, Quizzes, Assignments, Exit Slips Use Results to Guide Your Instruction See Immediate Actionable Data See Who is Behind, Borderline, and On Track Give Immediate, Relevant Practice Supplemental Materials for Remediation Surface CCSS Resources, Lesson plans, Videos, and Games Now that we have seen some of the basic elements of Edmodo...

22 Common Core Standards: Edmodo Snapshot
\ Say: “Now What?? Use Edmodo for Formative Assessments” Play INTRO TO SNAPSHOT Video!!

23 Why Snapshot? Snapshot is built into Edmodo, works with your groups, and has reports integrated with your Teacher account

24 Save Time - Already Created Questions
\ Currently only Math and ELA: 3rd - 12th Grade

25 Immediate Feedback \ When you look at results, Student information is readily available

26 Accessible on All Devices
\ This is a solution to 1:1 - Use the students personal devices!

27 Create Snapshot Create Snapshot Select Group, Content and Standard
From Apps Launcher From Note Stream Select Group, Content and Standard Delete Standards you don’t want Add Standards you are teaching Add Name, Due Date, Note, Time Preview Assignment Assign and/or Plan for Later **Have Participants CREATE their Own Snapshot, Preview, and Assign** Review Deleting Options Show on Slide, then Demo on webpage Demonstrate how to Create Snapshot From Apps Launcher (first) Select Group, Content and Standard Finish by Name, Date, and Time Limit Preview Assign Have Participants Create a Snapshot, Preview, and Assign to their Test Group

28 Make Sure that All of these are Completed!
Create One Snapshot Math or ELA (3rd - 12th) Teach another subject? Assign ELA and current grade level. Preview Snapshot Assign Snapshot to Your Student Group Leave this slide up while group works on the action items

29 Taking a Snapshot - Students
Full Web Version, iPad and Android Show on Slide Only. Explain what the views mean.

30 Organizing Student Learning
Tips and Directions Score for Standard ELA /Math Schedules Show on Slide Only. Explain what the views mean

31 Review and Analyze Data
Sort by Grade and Subject 3rd – 12th Grade ELA and MATH only (more on the way) Overview Green – Met (3 or 4 out of 4 questions correct) Yellow – Borderline (2 out of 4 correct) Red – Behind ( 1 or 0 out of 4 correct) Opportunities Hover over section to see Names and Breakdown

32 Review and Analyze Data
Quick Glimpse Individual Student Individual Standard Individual Question Drill Down Click a colored square to view a student’s questions and responses by standard

33 Review and Analyze Data
Standards Report Review by Standard Individual Student Proficiency Mouse Over Doughnut for Individual Student Results Standards Report Sort by Grade, Subject Review by Standard Individual Student Proficiency

34 Where are we going next? Differentiate Your Instruction
Create Small Groups Give Student Extra Resources Content Recommendations Supplemental Work in Edmodo Use Formative Assessment Again Keep tabs on your student learning

35 Recommended Content Based on Results
\ Say: “Now What? Content Recommendations Based on their results!” Content recommendations can be assigned and taken from within Edmodo. Read/Explain Slide Also say that content, games, and apps are constantly being added to the platform to further accommodate for the diverse learning needs of our students

36 Content Recommendations
View Available Resources By Standard Assign to All Students Borderline or Behind Assignments Show as Notifications Spotlight Notifications Latest Post Stream .

37 Content Recommendations
View Assignment History Mouseover to see incompletes See All of Assigned Resources All in One Localized Area Students Get Immediate Feedback On All Assignments

38 Differentiating Instruction
Create at Least One Small Group To differentiate Instruction Add Content for Differentiation Content Specific Homogenous Heterogeneous Assign Content Recommendations In Small Group Using Edmodo Search Using Snapshot for Formative Assessment helps you determine how to create groups for differentiated instruction.

39 Make Sure that All of these are Completed!
Create at Least One Small Group Search for Content Recommendations Discover Games, Apps, and other Supplemental Material Answer Last Group Question How do you believe Snapshot will allow you to reach every learner in your classroom? Give specifics. Leave this slide up while group works on the action items

40 Where are we going next? Use Snapshot in your Classroom
Tomorrow Use Snapshot Support for Question See the Help Center Stay Connected With Colleagues Without leaving the Edmodo platform Use Snapshot in your Classroom tomorrow Use Snapshot Support for any questions Stay connected with your colleagues and help each other

41 Support Quick Response Help Center
Support Staff - team of former educators Edmodo Ambassadors Help Center Tutorial Videos Step-by-Step Directions Getting Started Resources Recorded Webinars Getting Help Show how to find and use the Support Community Show how to find and use the Help Center If time, have participants post a question to the Support Community and experience for themselves

42 Questions, Ideas, Suggestions?
Please complete the Training Evaluation Form found in your training group. Thank you! Remind where they can go to stay connected and learn more. Evaluation form: Plan for post-training group activity. Set expectations for your training group. Decide if you will continue to support participants in the group or provide a date on which you will archive the group and notify members of this date. Remind them they will still be able to access the group through the “archived groups” section of their groups list, but they won’t be able to post to it anymore.

43 If still have time to fill - Demo Taft acct in detail or Demo Snapshot!!

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