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Serrano Intermediate School Honors Program 2010-2011.

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1 Serrano Intermediate School Honors Program 2010-2011

2 Department Chairs English Pattie Bajorek History Bill Sheak Math Kathi Wagner Science Jenny Miller 7 th Grade English – Trina Mangione 7 th Grade History- Lindsay Chappell

3 6th Grade GATE Program Enrichment focus Cluster and heterogeneous grouping Limited curricular focus Student may be gifted or talented in a non-academic area Fewer teachers

4 Honors Classes at Middle School Has an accelerated curriculum Requires subject area strengths Assumes student has mastery of grade level skills Requires strong organizational skills Requires self-motivation

5 Characteristics of an Honors Student Responsible Independent Self-motivated Critical thinker Creative Persistent

6 Areas of Emphasis Essay writing Reading above grade level Critical thinking skills Research skills

7 Honors Requirements CST – “Advanced” A in sixth grade subjects Score of 5 or 6 on Serrano writing test 90% or higher on the 6 th grade ELA/CST mastery exam Teacher recommendation

8 Honors History Independent reading Note-taking skills Group collaboration skills Long term projects Analysis of primary sources Analytical questions and essays on tests Thinking like an historian

9 Honors English Most reading is completed at home, with occasional in-class reading of higher level texts. Reading materials contain ideas that are complex, including ideas that go beyond students’ experiences. Emphasis is on literary style, author techniques, and themes: less time is spent on basic understanding of plot. Spelling, vocabulary, and grammar instruction is above grade level.

10 8 th Grade Honor Science Recommendation Have no less than an A- (90%) average in 7th grade science Be qualified to enter either algebra or geometry in the 8th grade Perform at the advanced or proficient level on the CST in reading and language Be recommended by their 7th grade science teacher

11 Pre Algebra/Algebra I Expectations Mastery of arithmetic skills Abstract thinking skills Excellent work habits Self-motivated

12 Math Options Grade 7 th 8 th 9 th 10 th 11 th 12th Pre Algebra Intro to Alg Algebra l Geometry Algebra ll Math Analysis Pre Algebra Algebra l Geometry Algebra ll Math Analysis Calculus AB Algebra l Geometry Algebra ll Math Analysis Calculus AB Calculus BC

13 Questions?

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