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November 23, 20131 Guide for Lectors St. James The Apostle Church Updated November 23, 2013 Deacon Jim.

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1 November 23, 20131 Guide for Lectors St. James The Apostle Church Updated November 23, 2013 Deacon Jim

2 November 23, 20132 Selection Of Candidates Those selected to be Readers are to be fully initiated members of the community, both male & female, of sufficient age and maturity, living a good Christian moral life. For those who will serve in public ministry of the Church, faith must be supported by visible signs. (Full participation in the Mass) They must have a positive sense of Church and reverence for the presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

3 November 23, 20133 The Constitution of Sacred Liturgy The first document promulgated by the Second Vatican Council, reaffirms that Christ is always present in the Church, especially in its liturgical celebrations. Christ is present when the Church prays and sings, in the proclamation of the Word, in the person of the minister and especially present under the Eucharistic elements.

4 November 23, 20134 Liturgical Celebrations For the Catholic, the liturgical gathering is of paramount importance. They are the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed ; at the same time it is the fount from which all the Church’s power flows.

5 November 23, 20135 Sunday Mass At Sunday Mass, the table both of God's Word and of Christ’s Body is prepared, from which the faithful may be instructed and refreshed. GIRM #28

6 November 23, 20136 AT SUNDAY MASS At Sunday Mass, Christians gather because we also honor the Word of God. As we assemble to celebrate the Eucharist, we do not approach the Table of Communion until we have feasted at the Table of the Word. The Mass is made up, as it were, of two parts: The Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

7 November 23, 20137 In Scripture, God speaks to us. At Mass, God speaks to the people gathered. The Word will affect us in different ways. Each person will hear the message uniquely, as the Holy Spirit reaches into our hearts to place in us that message that comes from God.

8 November 23, 20138 To work this miracle, God choose instruments God uses Lectors. A Lector integrates many values. People of faith who have nurtured a relationship with God. Who try to form their lives on the Gospel.

9 November 23, 20139 Members of a community of family Friends and strangers Bound together by a desire to live near and for each other. To have opportunities of faith and worship. Value their local Church and mission. Sunday is the highlight of their week and they strive to make the readings of scripture a highlight of the Mass. Lectors Are:

10 November 23, 201310 You are a Lay Minister You are entrusted with the Word of God A tool sharper than any two-edged sword. You need to know your tools in order to execute well your art.

11 November 23, 201311 The Spirit of the Lord is upon you. God has placed the Spirit within you. A Holy Spirit that speaks to you A Holy Spirit who uses you to proclaim the word of God.

12 November 23, 201312 Questions Why have you agreed to serve as a lector? What do you hope to gain in your understanding of the theology and function of the ministry?

13 November 23, 201313 The faithful form one Body We put our ears together, so that God might speak to us. Most importantly, it is there at the Eucharist, in the presence of the community of believers, where we hear the Word of God. Listening is one of the ways that we express our unity.

14 November 23, 201314 When Sacred Scriptures are read! God Himself speaks to His people through you the lector. Christ, present in his own word proclaims the Gospel. The lector becomes the mouthpiece of God. God uses the voice of the lector to say something modern, new, that applies in today’s world.

15 November 23, 201315 The words are old but their proclamation are always new Speaking right now to the people gathered together for worship. The lector has a daunting responsibility. The lector’s voice needs to carry God’s voice. The lector communicates a divine message.

16 November 23, 201316 Duties of the Lector Carry the Book of Gospels if there is no Deacon present. If there is no one to sing the Psalm the Lector may read the psalm. It is preferable the psalm be sung. Reads the “Prayers of the Faithful” if no Deacon is present.

17 November 23, 201317 Duties of the Lector 1 St Reader will read the announcements before Mass. The 2 nd Reader will carry Gospels if there is no Deacon present, or the Book Of Remembrance. The 1 st Reader will do “Prayers of the Faithful” if no Deacon is present.

18 November 23, 201318 The Lector’s Service The Lector’s service takes up only a few minutes at Mass, but these are critical minutes. Remember all eyes are on you. You are considered a leader in the parish. When you proclaim the word, the people will realize how well the lector understands the readings.

19 November 23, 201319 Manage Silence Before you begin to read, you will want to have the attention of the entire assembly. After each reading you should pause and pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide you. Even the way you pace the petitions during the Prayers of the Faithful will help people think about them one by one. That we each hold in the silence of our own hearts! 10-20 seconds

20 November 23, 201320 Tools for the Lector Lectionary Workbook USCCB web site, You can down-load the daily and Sunday readings to your ipod. Each Sunday offers readings for Years A B C, we are in year C. Next week year A The Liturgical year begins with Advent and ends with Christ the King Sunday.

21 November 23, 201321 What is God saying to You Before you present these readings to the entire community, have you wrestled with them yourself? What is the message from God to you? Have you meditated on the Word of God?

22 November 23, 201322 Prayers The Priest or Deacon before reading the Gospel. “Almighty God, cleanse my heart and my lips that I may worthily proclaim your Gospel.” After reading the Gospel. “May the words of the Gospel wipe away our sins.”

23 November 23, 201323 Questions Do you personally feel that the prepared and practiced readings of scripture at Mass has led you to a warm and living love for scripture? Do you believe that God’s Word can and will change your life? I hope so.

24 November 23, 201324 Are you nervous? Some nervousness may always be natural, and a healthy sense of humility in the face of what you are doing is exceedingly appropriate. It falls to you to bring this power of the word of God and love of scripture to others.

25 November 23, 201325 Careful Preparation Use your work books. If you have a computer go to the USCCB web site. I make a tape and listen to myself. You must put in the effort and than let the Holy Spirit take it from there.

26 November 23, 201326 Responsibilities Arrive early. I would like to see you arrive 30 minutes prior and let the Captain of the Mass know that you are there. This is extremely important because we need to know that people are in place. Go to the Ambo and ensure that you know exactly what are the proper readings. If not ask someone. Adjust the microphone. Sit upfront not in the back then pray.

27 November 23, 201327 The Book of Gospels If there is no Deacon you should carry the Book Of Gospels. Hold the book slightly elevated, not with straight arms above your head, but in front of you and slightly higher than your face. Omit the bow and place the Book of Gospels reverently on the altar, and proceed to your seat.

28 November 23, 201328 Ritual Language Take a deep breath! The ritual language that begins the reading is very important. “A reading from the ………. The Lectionary will have the introduction at the top of the reading. A reading from…. Then pause for a moment. If at all possible this should be done while looking at the people. Pause at the end than say “The Word of the Lord”

29 November 23, 201329 Any sort of haste that hinders recollection must clearly be avoided The Liturgy of the Word is to be celebrated in such a way as to promote meditation. Remember this is God’s Word and you are asked to deliver it to God’s people. Take your time! You need volume in your voice! This is the biggest mistake I continue to see. Make eye contact if you can!

30 November 23, 201330 Prayers to the Faithful If there is no Deacon you should read the Prayers to the Faithful. Again take your time Don’t leave the Ambo until the priest reads the concluding prayer. The Book of Gospels is not processed out of the Church at the end of Mass. WHY?

31 November 23, 201331 A Spirit of Humility A spirit of humility, admiration for the word of God, and a deep sense of responsibility to the community will help us approach this ministry well. When we ourselves are awakened to the mystery of scripture, then we can bring that mystery to the assembly and truly serve God’s people well.

32 November 23, 201332 Practice Techniques Again, it helps to make a tape of yourself. Read in front of a mirror. These methods will help you determine whether your voice is portraying the reading well and whether your facial expressions match your words.

33 November 23, 201333 Practice Techniques Practice making your volume, pacing, emphasis and voice quality appropriate to the scripture. Strive to improve your presentation skills. If you mumble or speed through the readings, people will be distracted by you and miss how God is speaking to them.

34 November 23, 201334 Practice Techniques Your breathing will control the volume of your presentation. Controlling the volume is not just about using the microphone well or being loud, though both are important. It is also about making sure that your speaking from the air in your chest, rather than from the air in your nose.

35 November 23, 201335 Clear Articulation & Pronunciation Enunciating words clearly is extremely important for the reader. Reading at a conversational pace is too fast SLOW DOWN! You will feel comfortable making eye contact throughout the readings if you are familiar enough with it to be able to look up at the people and back down at the Lectionary and not lose your place. Use you finger!

36 November 23, 201336 Gestures Any gesture that you make should be done with care and deliberation. A deep bow is made to the altar by all who enter and leave the sanctuary. In general hand gestures are not necessary when serving as a reader or lector.

37 November 23, 201337 Gestures When standing at the Ambo be still and avoid fidgeting. Try not to shift your weight from one foot to another or bouncing up and down. This will distract from the readings. Often these are nervous gestures we are not aware of, get feedback.

38 November 23, 201338 Your choice of attire. There is no dress code in St. James, however, there are some basic principles. First, and most importantly, know that you are a leader in our community. Dress in a way that conveys that you are a leader and are coming to serve.

39 November 23, 201339 Simplicity, modesty and dignity are your goal. Blue jeans, shorts, or T-shirts are inappropriate. Your clothing should never distract from your ministry. Most people in the assembly will spend more energy looking at you than listening to the readings. Please do not distract by your clothing. God’s Word is too important.

40 November 23, 201340 Making a mistake If you realize the mistake immediately, it is generally best to pause slightly, and then restate the proper word or line and go forward. Never apologize for an error. Oh, wait or I’m sorry. No matter what happens do not let a mistake at one point in the reading distract you from doing your best with the rest. Most people will not recognize the mistake.

41 November 23, 201341 Order of Blessing for Readers Within a celebration of the Word of God. Thank you for all that you do.

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