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MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT 19 May 2012 Multi-Tenancy vs Shared Services in SharePoint 2010 Alistair Pugin– Pragmatic

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1 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT 19 May 2012 Multi-Tenancy vs Shared Services in SharePoint 2010 Alistair Pugin– Pragmatic Works @AlistairPugin #SPSJHB The first ever all green SharePoint event on earth


3 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT WE OFFER THE BEST SERVICES Data Management, Business Intelligence, Visualisations, Sharepoint Pragmatic Works is a multi-faceted consultancy working in Enterprise Information Management (EIM). With offices on 3 continents, Pragmatic Works ( a Microsoft Gold Partner) provides a rich set of skills across the full Microsoft stack. MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT

4 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Pragmatic Works South Africa Pragmatic Works South Africa was the first international franchise of Pragmatic Works Offers services, training and support worldwide Founded by Mark Stacey  Author of Sharepoint 2010 BI  Founded BIDN user group in Johannesburg  International Speaker at SQL and Sharepoint events  Cape Town Office launched March 5, 2012  Cape Town Office adds new skills to the PW stable  DBA  System Management

5 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Overview Many organizations start out by deploying SharePoint using a “Shared Services” model but realise that various divisions, companies and or business units want a more individualized control over their platform; enter the Multi-Tenant. In this session we will cover: – The differences between Shared and Tenanted Architecture – The pitfalls of both platforms – How to effectively deploy multi-tenancy – What administrative components are required for either deployment By identifying the capabilities of SharePoint 2010’s tenanted infrastructure upfront, SharePoint Architects will be better equipped to make the correct decisions as to a.) What platform to use, b.) What features to use within each platform and c.) Ultimately how to manage SharePoint more efficiently.

6 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Flow of Presentation WhatHowWhy

7 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Agenda What is the difference between: – Shared Services – Multi-Tenancy Pro’s and Con’s Demo Conclusion Q and A

8 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT What is Shared Services? Default OOB SharePoint deployment (Think Configuration Wizard) Web Applications consume services Default Proxy grouping Single point of administration (CA)

9 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT What is Multi-Tenancy? Configured via PowerShell ONLY! Data isolation Separate Management Customization split Easier reporting

10 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT MT components Site Subscription Subscription ID Subscription Settings Service

11 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Pro’s and Con’s Happens in CA No isolation Splitting of tasks not available Custom code exposed to the entire farm Via PowerShell Only Cannot Be reversed Tenant Admin allows for multiple administrators Complicated config Shared Service Multi-Tenancy

12 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Service Applications Store Tenant Data – UPS – MMS – BCS – Search – Secure Store – Web Analytics – Project – Usage and Profile Data Collection – Subscription Settings Do Not Store Tenant Data – Access – Visio – Word Viewing and Conversions – PowerPoint Cannot be Partitioned – Excel Calculation – Fast



15 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Benefits Scalability Multi-tenant scenario’s – Isolation of Data, services and management Business Continuity Single point of breakage

16 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Conclusion Understand the requirement Spec you environment accordingly Build in redundancy into your Application layer Don’t rely on underlying infrastructure

17 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT Resources MSDN - /site/search?f[0].Type=Tag&f[0].Value=Multi- Tenant&f[0].Text=Multi-Tenant /site/search?f[0].Type=Tag&f[0].Value=Multi- Tenant&f[0].Text=Multi-Tenant - tenancy-in-sharepoint-2010 tenancy-in-sharepoint-2010 Speaker Info » » » »

18 MAKING BUSINESS INTELLIGENT About me Director at Pragmatic Works – Cape Town Been working with ECM Products since 2000 I run SharePoint Saturday in Cape Town, South Africa I am a community lead for the Information Worker Community in South Africa

19 Services Speed development through training, and rapid development services from Pragmatic Works.Products BI products to convert to a Microsoft BI platform and simplify development on the platform. Foundation Helping those who do not have the means to get into information technology and to achieve their dreams. See you soon… Sales : My Email: My Twitter: Office Number: @AlistairPugin +27 84 407 4091

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