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TRANSITION SERVICES HCPS SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE JANUARY, 2014 Henrico Co. Public Schools Phyllis C. Harris, Education Specialist.

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1 TRANSITION SERVICES HCPS SPECIAL EDUCATION ADVISORY COMMITTEE JANUARY, 2014 Henrico Co. Public Schools Phyllis C. Harris, Education Specialist

2 Staff  Matt Banning (, Transition Teacher - Deep Run, Godwin; I’m Determined lead  John Stewart (, Transition Teacher – Varina, Highland Springs; Colonial Scientific site lead  Tamala Taylor (, Transition Teacher – Tucker, Freeman, Glen Allen; SEAC liaison  Denis Alsheskie (, Transition Teacher – Henrico, Hermitage; Positive Vibe & PERT lead  Autumn Stewart, Karen Creager, Mary Johnson - Transition Team Assistants  Transition Office phone number: 515-1149

3 Mission  Assistance and support to students/IEP teams  Assistance creating transition plans  Providing resources or recommendations

4 How we work towards our mission  Global Efforts 1. Transition Education 2. Increasing awareness  Individualized Efforts 1. Working directly with students and IEP teams 2. facilitate the “I’m Determined” model

5 Global efforts  Transition Fairs  Career Fair  PERT program  Transition Newsletter  Transition Website  Interest inventories

6 Individualized efforts  Case manager/team consults  Identify student interests, strengths, and needs  Transportation/resources learner’s permit classes bus training CARE  Co-Wep sites 1. Introduce students to jobs skills 2. Engage in job tasks at area businesses 3. Real-world, hands-on experience

7 Students seeking post-secondary education  DRS connections – Dept of Aging and Rehab Services  Education regarding differences between post-secondary education and high school  Identify schools and training resources (colleges, PAVE, etc.)

8 Students seeking post-secondary employment  Connect to DRS – Dept of Aging and Rehab Services  Perform situational assessments  Connect to PERT (Postsecondary Education Rehabilitation Transition) program  Provide work skills training  Co-WEP  Project Search  Positive Vibe Café  Modified Tech courses –Auto Service & Culinary  Projects from business partners brought into vocational classes (assembling marketing materials, mailings, etc.)

9 Students seeking day support services  Provide education regarding: Differences between school and adult program Medicaid Waiver Services Henrico Area Mental Health and Development Mental Services( HAMHDS) Day Support Providers  Assist case managers in connecting students with DARS  Connect to Medicaid Waiver Services  Connect to HAMHDS  Connect to Day Support Providers

10 Partners in Transition  Retail Merchants Association  Midas of Central Va  Puritan Cleaners  Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens  Children’s Museum of Richmond  Panera Bread  Firehouse Subs  ACAC  LongHorn Steakhouse,  Hope Thrift  Food Lion  Chick-Fil-A  Meadow Wood Market  DBVI  Goodwill Stores  HDL  Bon Secours  Westbury Pharmacy  Walgreens  Colonial Scientific  REAP  RAIN  Third Presbyterian Church Community Garden

11 Partners in Transition  REI  T J Maxx  Dumbarton Library  Little Sisters of the Poor  U-Turn Sports Academy  Tuckahoe Orthopedics  YMCA  Farmer’s Foods  Imperial Plaza  Meade West Vaco  Hermitage Enterprises  Henrico County Surplus  Varina Elementary  Colonial Trail Elementary  Laburnum Elementary  Capitol Area Training Consortium  Manor Care  Glen Allen Elementary  Henrico Christmas Mother  Positive Vibe

12 Transition Statistics: 2012-13 School Year PROGRAMS/TRAINING Colonial Scientific 9 student internships Henrico (2), Deep Run (2), Freeman, Highland Springs (2), Hermitage, Tucker CoWEP 38 locations 119 participants Health Diagnostic Laboratories 5 student internships (spring semester canceled due to construction) Modified Culinary Class8 students Modified Automotive Class6 students PERT Program (Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Program) 9 students selected Positive Vibe Café 2 students graduated from advanced class 14 students graduated from class 1 student started the class but did not finish HSHS, Deep Run, Freeman, Tucker, Glen Allen, Henrico, and Hermitage Project Search6 Students accepted

13 Transition Statistics: 2012-13 School Year EVENTS Career Fair @The Henrico Theater in with mock interviews, educational/ instructional videos on job skills, a panel, a speaker, and a small job fair with representatives from local businesses and agencies speaking to students about volunteer and job opportunities within their respective organizations. 60 students participated 60 mock interviews Transition Fairs 1 at Highland Springs 1 canceled due to snow

14 Initiatives to Improve Transition Awareness and Supports  On-going Transition Trainings for HCPS staff - to increase awareness of transition planning and resources.  Increasing communication with families:  Automated messenger phone calls for transition events  Email distribution list for newsletter and events  Feedback forms at Transition Fairs  SEAC and PRC  Increased presence in middle schools – to facilitate transition to high school & early focus on post- secondary goals

15 “I’m Determined” pilot for 2013-14  Pilot of program with at least one case manager from every high school in the county.  Training and support provided to case managers, students and families  Designed to increase student self-determination by participation in the IEP process  Increased self-advocacy for students  Positive focus and interactions for meetings  Improved communications between school and home **The program will be expanded into middle schools for the 2014-15 school year**

16  Transition Fairs  January 29 th, East End Henrico Recreation  February 26 th at Tucker High School  Career Fair  May, 2014 at Henrico Theater Upcoming transition events:

17 For more information: If you have additional questions regarding transition, transition planning and supports or the I’m Determined model, please consult the following:  For student specific transition questions, please consult with your child’s zone specific transition teacher.  For additional information regarding the “I’m Determined” model visit: Virginia Department of Education’s I’m Determined Project

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