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How to Apply Information in Patent Invention IPPH Sept. 2011

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1 How to Apply Information in Patent Invention IPPH Sept. 2011

2 Enhancing patent quality Raising application volume Improving patent landscape Applying patent information in the overall process of enterprises’ technical innovation in a bid to improve patent creativity

3 Application of patent information Set-up and research Technical R&D Technology application and patent arrangement

4 Set-up and Research Conducting a survey about R&D orientation Making accumulation of technical data Borrowing ideas from patent technology Conducting a survey about patent information to Selecting and reading patents so as to provide technical references Picking up patents with relevant technology from huge amount of data

5 1.How to use patent information to assist enterprises to break through limitation resulting from thought and environment while conducting a research of R&D orientation?

6 Case 1: A and B, two late-model R&D enterprises of environmental power production, put forward two quite different sorts of thought for the same technology. A, an enterprise from south China B, an enterprise from the Central Plain R&D thought of enterprises’ technical personnel staff is frequently constrained by their own products. So how can we use patent information to help them ?

7 不同的企业,得到了不同的应对建议 A diagnosis by information personnel statistical analysis of patent technology other patent-related consultations R&D branches There are five R&D branches of the technology. A and B put forward two schemes oriented to different branches. In addition, an fungible technology is available. A’s proposal is found relatively outdated after analyzing patents’ effect by way of statistics. However, B’s proposal counters domestic patent barrier. C with the similar proposal has been prosecuted by companies abroad.

8 2.How to achieve more well-targeted pre-R&D technology accumulation and reference for enterprises?

9 案例 2 D is a leading domestic enterprise of research and manufacture of sophisticated equipment. D hopes to gather a special component- related patent data of some transporting equipment in a bid to facilitate R&D in the long run.

10 信息服务人员采用了如下的工作方式: The targeted technology is rarely seen internally with labs of higher institutions boasting a small amount of patents. D chooses not to conduct international patent research blindly. D makes research targeted at countries with strong technology such as US and Europe. Determining the date filed Collection-type research is far from enough. D conducts analytic research of targeted components’ processing technology, unit construction, internal structure, analogue technology, four technical details and nearly 30 skill points. After selecting and processing indexing of the patents according to rules of technical analysis, D determines the key patent technology so as to facilitate technical personnel for reading and making reference. Making composition of technical details Selecting and processing the patents Compared with traditional database building-type search, this method of patent information application is more well-targeted, more in-depth and more practical

11 Application of patent information Set-up research Technical R&D Technical application and patent arrangement

12 The Application of Patent Information during Technology Innovation Patent Digging Technology Importation and Innovation Concerning Evading Assistance Innovation Method

13 Case3 : How to help E make patent innovation E is a large scale state-owned enterprise in South China. How to innovate concerning evading based on technology importation by using patent information, to gain the own intellectual property rights?

14 Search and comparison Investigate and survey Assistance innovation Advise The Information Services Adopt the Steps as Follows Technology analysis Research Triz model Advice to change thread Enterprises supplies technology plans, and resolve it. Totally 4 innovation point relative patent search comparison Get more than 10 patent technology which may tort. Try triz program. Conclude the 10 patent and 30 analogy patent. get 3 new evading innovation program. One of it is accepted by enterprise. The information services always supply advices during innovation.

15 Application of patent information Set-up and research Technical R&D Technical application and patent arrangement

16 Patent assessment Patent assessment and investigation and investigation Making assessment about marketing, technical and legal value of its own patents and conducting research of other enterprises’ patents in the industry to determine the patent-maintaining scheme, to get technology transfer and cooperation advice. Tracking patent information Watching patent technologies, competitors and relevant laws closely and constantly so as to adjust its own technical innovation and import promptly Arrangement of patent landscape patent landscape Conducting patent research in the area of sales zone to pave way for market expanding Arrangement of patent technology Making reasonable arrangement of its own technologies to make protection and to get advantage in the deal process

17 The function of patent information during patent arrangement from the two cases. A Facing barriers of advanced technologies Centering on landscape of backward technologies Expecting to reach mutual permission B In one developing country Making patent arrangement Protecting the area of the products for sale

18 Patent information application technology The Technology of Patent Search The Technology of data digging and process The Technology of Patent Analysis and Alarming The Technology of Patent Assistance innovation The Technology of patent chasing and expressing

19 Outlook Comprehensive Detailed Customized

20 Thanks!

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