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Features of Property Co. Founded in 1996, Property is an independent company. Property is not a subsidiary of any major company or manufacturer.

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2 Features of Property Co.

3 Founded in 1996, Property is an independent company. Property is not a subsidiary of any major company or manufacturer.

4 Initial Opportunities In 1996: 1. Digitization 2. Internet and Globalization from paper documents to digital data Databases from several countries went online. We felt digital data investigations and data mining had become more important.

5 Our name: Property comes from intellectual property. We predicted that the property aspect of intellectual property rights would become the main focus for the next generation, therefore Property was a natural choice for us. Property also has another meaning, which is essential aspect. Our consultation process delivers constant results for technical and intellectual property management, therefore we become a part of, or property of, our clients' business. Consultation with a conscience of the fundamentals of patent information services

6 Mission-critical Tasks 1. The investigation and reporting of patents for legal requests 2. Data mining and mapping of patents and technical documents for economic requests


8 First query: Search within Company A, then cluster by technical field Question: Should Company A emphasize tech field X? Where do the inventors from field Z come from?

9 New query: Search for inventor group N, observing field Z The inventors moved from fields X,Y into field Z New intelligence Search again = Better results

10 Basic Services Legal Pre-application investigation Pre-request for examination investigation Invalidate investigation Infringement evasion investigation Extracting new technological knowledge Landscaping technological markets at the time of new entries Economic

11 Tendencies Many investigations are requested when the client company is developing a new entry. Often, the process is completed just barely within the company's fixed timeframe. Most work is challenging, as it demands speed and precision.

12 That challenge yielded results. We were able to: 1. Develop new analysis techniques. 2. Meet and work with energetic, promising new companies.

13 Other Tasks Development of software, translation services, etc. - 90%* of services are on-demand services *This includes patent information services. Remaining 10% - Online database proxy sales - Selling databases fitting the client's investigation only 1) Databases according to country (e.g. CNIPR-IPPH, PATBRIDGE-WIPS, WEBPAT) 2) International databases according to family (e.g. QPAT [ORBIT.COM] from Questel) 90% 10%

14 The Japanese Patent Intelligence Market A Background

15 The standard market historically: Primary market: Product Sales > In-sourcing Demand Database changes: Text Detail Coverage Secondary market: Consultation services for out-sourcing demand

16 Foreseeable Future Market

17 Aspects of Out-sourcing Demand in Japan The conceptual approach to intellectual property differs from company to company. In Company A, the research department conducts research before filing. - Filtering for high quality filings. In Company B, inventors conduct research by themselves before filing. - The quality of filing depends on the inventors. Company A uses an outsourcing service and Company B does not use the service and requires an education system.

18 As the concept of dealing with confidential information differs from company to company, demand varies. For example: Department X of Company A cannot outsource within Company A, where it can maintain strong confidentiality. Therefore, information cannot be disclosed when estimating the service plan and fees.

19 Pros: - Ability to maintain confidentiality. - It is possible to develop a unique analysis method. Cons: - Difficulty meeting new demands from parent companies. - Marginalizing/isolating companies' research needs from the patent research market as a whole.

20 Advantages of Analysis Method Development in Japan

21 Advantage 1 a) Stability b) Higher volume of detailed patents Many quality ideas with less complex processes to apply patent analysis methods.

22 Advantage 2 Single language suited to technology analysis compared to other areas In Europe, because of multiple languages and multiple systems, it is hard to hold information uniformity.

23 Advantage 3 Public disclosure system has been introduced in Japan suited for technology analysis compared to other areas In the U.S., because of registration system oriented traditions, it is hard to cover all the filing information. In Japan, patent technology maps have been developed in addition to patent rights maps.

24 Other Advantages Improvement of analysis conditions with precise and accurate classification - IPC, FI-term, F-term Habit of respecting order and unity

25 The History of Property Co.

26 1996 : Established in Japan and started the business focusing on patent research and patent analyses 1999 : Started to support Questels customers in Japan 2000 : Introduced the data mining method that employs SOM algorithm to patent analysis 2004 : Developed RSS feed technology and similarity searching system (employing Bayes theorem and preference exchanges) 2007 : Sales agent in Japan for CNIPR of IPPH Company 2008 : Sales agent in Japan for Qpat of Questel 2010 : Sales agent in China for of Questel ( )


28 The Partner of an Online Database

29 Property Co., Ltd. Thank You

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