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Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) LEED GOLD AWARD “GOLD IS THE COLOUR OF MONEY” Jack Meredith BC Buildings Corporation Joe van Belleghem Vancouver.

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1 Vancouver Island Technology Park (VITP) LEED GOLD AWARD “GOLD IS THE COLOUR OF MONEY” Jack Meredith BC Buildings Corporation Joe van Belleghem Vancouver Island Technology Park National Executive Forum on Public Property May 09, 2003

2 Background: BCBC Vision Green/High Performance Building High Functionality Excellent Indoor air quality Good Thermal comfort Noise/Sound control Exceptional Lighting quality Varied/Diverse Transportation Energy Water Materials Waste & Emissions Site impacts Adaptability UsersOwners/Community/Env

3 We needed a Recognized Rating System IF WE CAN’T DEFINE HIGH PERFORMANCE, HOW COULD WE EXPECT TO ACHIEVE IT? Rating system must be able to: –Objectively define performance –Facilitate goal setting –Measure/monitor performance –Communicate success of projects Evaluated existing rating systems LEED chosen by BCBC

4 Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design  US Green Building Council  Canada Green Building Council  Non profit organization  independent 3rd party certification of green buildings  Simple to use - 69 Points in 6 Categories


6 Green Building Rating System: LEED - L eadership in E nergy & E nvironmental D esign Sustainable Sites 14 Pts –brownfield redevelopment –alternative transportation –reduced site disturbance –stormwater management –light pollution reduction Water Efficiency 5 Pts –water efficient landscaping –innovative wastewater technologies –water use reduction Energy & Atmosphere 17 Pts –optimize energy performance –renewable energy contribution –green power –elimination of HCFC’s and Halons Materials & Resources 13Pts –building reuse –construction waste management –recycled content –local / regional materials –certified wood Environmental Quality 15 Pts –carbon dioxide monitoring –increase ventilation effectiveness –low emitting materials –controllability of systems –thermal comfort Design Excellence 5 Pts –innovation in design –LEED accredited professional

7 Example of a High Performance Building Vancouver Island Technology Park LEED Gold rating First LEED in Canada Third Gold in the world (version 2)

8 located in Victoria located in Victoria refit of an existing facility refit of an existing facility $6 million $6 million 168,000 sq. ft. 168,000 sq. ft. Target audience high tech. Target audience high tech. Environmental focus Environmental focus No additional green budget No additional green budget Vancouver Island Technology Park

9 Potable Water Use 6 million litres less water than traditional design Water Efficiency Ultra Low Flow, Dual Flush – Wash-Down Toilets Waterless Urinals Showers Showers - flow restrictors Sinks – infrared sensors - aerator taps - aerator taps Rainwater Rainwater – investigated for use in toilets Future Proofing Regulatory Challenges

10 Water Efficient Landscaping  Decommissioned lawn irrigation Water Efficiency Social Considerations /Education Public Relations  Native Plant Species

11 Protect Habitat Areas Restore Degraded Habitat New Covenants- Salmon Bearing Creek Restoration Trees Surveyed Native Plant Species Fruit Trees Sustainable Sites Wildlife Corridor Trees Protected during construction

12 Storm Water Management – Water Filtration Detention Ponds Bio-Swales Salmon Bearing Creek Sustainable SitesBenefits Reduced Infrastructure CostsReduced Infrastructure Costs

13 Groundwater Recharge & Stormwater Management  Grass Pave/ Gravel Pave Parking Benefits Reduced Stormwater –1 hr 1 in 10 year rain eventReduced Stormwater –1 hr 1 in 10 year rain event Reduce pollute runoffReduce pollute runoff Lower maintenance costsLower maintenance costs Sustainable Sites Regulatory Challenges

14 Reduce Exterior Heat Island Effect Reduce Exterior Heat Island Effect  Grass Pave/ Gravel Pave Parking  Additional Tree Planting on Road Surfaces in front of the building Light Pollution  Zero direct-beam illumination lamps  Low foot candle levels  High pressure sodium lamps to reduce energy costs Sustainable Sites

15 Grounds Landscaping - Horticultural Students designing – native plants / advice on grass for paving - low water/maintenance plants - decommissioned lawn irrigation Stormwater – managed through the use of ponds and bio-swales before discharge into creek No Pesticides – qualified personnel with experience in alternate techniques Eliminate Light Trespass – down cast lighting Creek Restoration – slowing flow, adding root balls, shading Sustainable Sites

16 Even painted green to blend into surroundingsEven painted green to blend into surroundings Vancouver Island Technology Park Sustainable Sites

17 Bicycle trail walking trail Bus turn around Transit Service Bike Paths/ Walking Trails 180 bike racks (80 in Bldg) w/ showers Preferred Car Pooling stalls – 25 stalls Sustainable Transportation Study Clean Energy Transport

18 Building Reuse – 100% building structure – 91% of Shell Construction Waste – 99% salvaged ($600,000 saving) Materials & Resources

19 Materials Salvaged for Reuse  Roof tile  Ductwork / Portion of Mechanical System  River Rock  Cabinetry  Wood chipped for hiking trails  Misc. Alarm pulls, lighting, doors Materials & Resources Reused Topsoil 23% of Material Cost Recycling Room

20 Recycled Materials – 33% of material cost  Fly ash in Concrete  Paint  Rubber Flooring  Raised Floor System Local Materials – Local Materials – 54% of material Cost Manufactured Locally within 500 miles. 38% of material extracted harvested recovered within 500 mile radius. Materials & Resources  Rebar  Millwork  Aluminum siding  Gypsum  Metal studs

21 Air Pollutant Emissions  Adhesives, sealants, paints, carpet and composite wood products specified to have low VOC limits.  CO2 monitoring control of outside air Indoor Environmental Quality Paints Total VOC limits less than 150 g/L (non- flat) Total VOC limits less than 50 g/L (flat) Carpets Adhesives Total VOC limits less than 0.50 mg/m2/hr Total VOC limits less than 10.0 mg/m2/hr Architectural Sealants Total VOC limits less than 250 g/L Composite Wood Products No added urea-formaldehyde resins

22 Indirect Lighting Principals  Indirect lighting  Energy Efficient Lighting - T5 –56 watts per fixture - T5 –56 watts per fixture  Flexible task Lighting  <1 watt per sq.ft.  42% below MNECB Indoor Environmental Quality Private offices against outside wall Dark interior space Private Office with interior glazing Day-lighting

23 Energy Efficiency  Energy Simulation  31% more energy efficient than ASHRAE 90.1  DDC control system  Variable flow  Optimum Start  Oversized heat pump water loop piping  CO 2 monitoring  Window film to reduce heating & cooling loads Energy  Commissioning & Re-commissioning Commissioning has been found to optimize energy performance and efficiency by 5 to 10%, resulting in significant environmental benefits and cost savings.  Green Power from Landfill Gas

24 Improved Working Environment Business is Changing Churn is UP - 40% + Teams / Collaboration is UP Mobility of Employees is UP Knowledge / Technology Based Flexible / Extended Working Hours More Environmentally Concerned Need to Attract/Retain Employees Conventional Tenant Improvements

25 Improved Working Environment Modular Fit-ups

26 Improved Working Environment Basketball Court Basketball Court Fitness Room

27 VITP is not an anomaly! Green Buildings BC Results New Buildings Program –4 Pilot Projects –3 schools –1 post secondary –39% - 58% less energy –no cost premium Taylor Park Elementary

28 VITP is not an anomaly! Green Buildings BC Results Retrofit Program Projected capital investment: +$78 million Projected annual savings: +$9 million/yr 15 institutions at various stages Prince George School District

29 High Performance Buildings do NOT have to cost more! For More Information Green Buildings BC: Jack Meredith - - (250) 952-8627 or Vancouver Island Tech Park: Joe van Belleghem - - (250) 483-3206

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