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Summer holiday update from Kristine and Frederik.

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1 Summer holiday update from Kristine and Frederik

2 How did we spent our holiday ? The first week we spent a lot of time relaxing, reading and getting our strength back The weather wasn’t that good, so we only got out once with our boat. On that trip Kristine caught her first fish We looked on a house to buy and decided it was not us, so we visited another real estate broker and found a new apartment The second week we had our second honeymoon in Ilulissat

3 The new apartment The view from the living room will be of the sea The future view from the kitchen and bedrooms The view of the new suburb to Nuuk

4 The boat trip first week Kristines first fishFrederiks biggest cod until now

5 Facts on Ilulissat Ilulissat is the 3. large city in Greenland There are about 4.300 inhabitants There are about 6.000 sledgedogs It is the most visited area by tourist The ice fjord is one of the most productive ice fjord in the world It has been adopted on the Unesco World Heritage List  Here is Ilulissat Tourist links

6 Our Second Honyemoon in Ilulissat We are sitting next to the ice fjord We are on a midnight boat trip in the ice fjord

7 The dogs in Ilulissat

8 The amazing light in Ilulissat

9 Two different nights in Ilulissat

10 Pictures from Midnight over the Disko bay

11 The end of the holiday And now back to work !!!

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