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HU245 Ethics Unit 9 Seminar.

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1 HU245 Ethics Unit 9 Seminar

2 Old Business! Unit 8 Discussion

3 New Business! Unit 9 Discussion Final Project Not in My Backyard!!
Due Next Tuesday at Midnight! Remember: These will not be accepted late! Remember: No work will be accepted after Tuesday.

4 Focus of Final Project The three primary course goals reflected in your Portfolio will be: 1.           Analytical skill building: Improving your critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.   2.           Knowledge acquisition: Mastering knowledge of central concepts, ideas, and perspectives of the humanities. A summary of major ethical theories should be included in this section as part of knowledge acquired.   3.           Practical application: Learning how to connect course material to issues you care deeply about and thoughtfully applying course material to your own life goals, decisions, and practices.

5 Don’t Forget! Use your own work to demonstrate progress
Meet length requirements Turn in by Tuesday Midnight

6 Seminar Topic! At a lumber mill, workers were injured when the band saw was knocked off of the pulleys by metal spikes driven into the trees. Local ecological activists had driven these metal spikes into the trees to make the lumber company stop logging in a specific area. In response, the company ran the trees past a scanner to look for metal. This prevented the men from being injured. So, the activists, drilled holes in the live trees and poured concrete into them. The scanners could not pick up the concrete and men began getting hurt again.

7 Were the actions of the environmental activists ethical? Why or why not?
What ethical theories might the activists be using to justify their behavior?

8 What would you do if you were the owner of the logging company? Why?

9 What is the difference between “Civil Disobedience” and simply breaking the law?

10 Seminar Question 2 To what extent have you been able to connect course material to your own life or life experiences?

11 Has studying ethics influenced you to revise any of your own actions, values, or beliefs?
Were there any topics from seminar that you found particularly enlightening?

12 Do you think that the philosophical study of ethics is valuable
Do you think that the philosophical study of ethics is valuable? Why or why not?

13 Humanities Offerings SS235 20th Century African American Leadership
HU320 Culture: Religion and Identity SS360 American Women HU245 Ethics HU280 Bioethics SS230 Making History: The Founding Fathers SS236 People, Power and Politics: An Introduction to American Government SS340 American Business History HU201 Voices of Western Culture: Art and Ideas HU300 The Art and Humanities: 20th Century and Beyond HU310 Culture, Society and Advanced Technology HU345 Critical Thinking HU410 Freedom and Justice

14 Thanks! Thanks class for a wonderful term! I appreciate all of your hard work and effort.

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