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Controlled Airspace Infringements How they happen, how to avoid and damage limitation Midweek Seminars.

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1 Controlled Airspace Infringements How they happen, how to avoid and damage limitation Midweek Seminars

2 Controlled Airspace Infringements Introduction Midweek Seminars In 2013 there were 670 reported incidents of infringement. If you include temporary restricted airspace and danger areas that goes up to 900. The number is not decreasing despite better navigation aids. If infringement is a result of pilot’s poor judgment he/she will have to sit a timed online test. If infringement due to misunderstanding with controller or miscommunication, action will probably not be taken. If you don’t infringe in the first place action will definitely not be taken!

3 Controlled Airspace Infringements Radar Playback Midweek Seminars Below is a radar playback of a GA infringement into the Heathrow zone (London CTR) which resulted in Heathrow traffic being vectored away.

4 Controlled Airspace Infringements The Test The test is made up of 20 randomly selected multiple- choice questions probing the full range of pilot knowledge, and must be completed within 10 minutes. Only one attempt may be made at the test, with the pass rate set at 80 per cent. Failure to successfully complete the test within one month could result in further licensing action being taken against the pilot. The test will be preceded by an open-access tutorial reiterating the basics of good airmanship, which all current pilots are urged to view. Midweek Seminars

5 Controlled Airspace Infringements How to avoid infringing CAS Planning, plan to keep well clear of CAS horizontally and vertically and take into account instrument error and your own accuracy/recency. Take along a backup GPS such as Sky Demon. Use LARS if available. Subject to workload they will inform you before you infringe. Use Navaids. A DME arc usually donates the East/West boundaries of CTRs. Relax. Avoid stress points during the flight. Fly accurately! Midweek Seminars

6 Controlled Airspace Infringements Local Infringement Dangers London CTR London TMA Gatwick CTR/A R/D/P areas ATZs MATZs Midweek Seminars

7 Controlled Airspace Infringements If You Infringe:- It is likely to be minor. Until you are under ATC there will be a 5 NM buffer around you. Inform ATC. Do not turn off your transponder. Exit CAS if safe to do so unless ATC instructs otherwise. Fly safely, do not put yourself in Danger. Midweek Seminars

8 Controlled Airspace Infringements Break for discussion and tea Midweek Seminars

9 Controlled Airspace Infringements Prevention – read the tutorial Summary of Tutorial Five most common causes of infringements are:- Distraction – pilot workload. Navigation – misidentification of land features. Navigation – misread map. Pilot Actions – pilot complacency. Planning – poor/incorrect pre-flight briefing. All avoidable mistakes. Infringements can be dangerous and are costly. A 747 going around costs approx. £10k. Midweek Seminars

10 Controlled Airspace Infringements Prevention – planning and flying When planning a flight: Make sure your navigation skills are current. Plan your flight properly and then fly the plan. Use an airspace alerting system such as Aware or a GPS such as Sky Demon. Use listening out squawks where they are available. Turn on your transponder and make sure the ALT function is switched on. Use the ATC services available and ask D&D for help on 121.5 MHz if you become unsure of your position. link to listening squawk Midweek Seminars

11 Controlled Airspace Infringements Links Midweek Seminars

12 Controlled Airspace Infringements Discussion Midweek Seminars Any other ways of avoiding infringing? Would you pass the test? Is infringing so much of a problem anyway?

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