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1 “Presenting the elements of your next design”

2 Who We Are Boundary Devices designs and manufactures ARM-based single board computers for the general embedded market but differs from broad market suppliers in our focus on customer service and fast turn-around time. Founded in 2003 Privately Held 16,000 Square Foot Facility in Chandler, AZ

3 Why Boundary Devices? 1. Custom Designs/Solutions 2. Power-over-Ethernet 3. Display + Touch Screen Support 4. Embedded Operating System Support 5. Extensive Peripheral Integration

4 1. Custom Designs/Solutions BD specializes in creating semi-custom solutions based on its’ wide array of standard products Time to Market is critical and one size does NOT fit all – optimize solution to meet cost, hardware, mechanical, and software specifications Custom boards delivered quickly and at a reasonable price Example 1: Company looking to take existing industrial controls product and give it a facelift. Needs a 4.3” display, video playback, RS485/RS232 support and custom form factor.

5 IMX53 Custom Development Example  “I like the Ipad but I need it to…”  Custom Tablet Development  Mining Company needed tablet to send with inspectors to inspect and repair mining equipment  Need low power SBC for long battery life but high performance to run Android and a variety of peripherals  Wide variety of peripheral requirements including Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular, IR Touch, Bright LEDs, Camera  Designed custom IMX535 board to meet customer requirements

6 2. Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)  Power Electronic Devices via an Ethernet cable – just requires PoE module and PoE Switch  Allows power AND data to be supplied by the same CAT 5 cable  Removes need for costly electricians to install conduit, wiring, and outlets  Pluggable PoE Module can be used with ANY Boundary Devices Board  On-Shelf Advertising and Access Control are two ideal markets 4.3” PoE Touch Computer On-Shelf Advertising

7 3. Display + Touch Screen BD Products are designed to take advantage of high-end ARM processors with excellent multimedia capabilities Applications requiring video playback and touch screen interactivity are a specialty Interfaced with a wide variety of displays: Over 10 panels supported 3.5” PRGB to 22” LVDS (HDMI/DVI monitors) Five different touch screen models: resistive, capacitive, IR, single and multi-touch 12.1” Android Tablet with state-of-the-art low power LED backlit display and capacitive multi-touch 6.2” Player Tracking module for Casino Slot Machines. 4-wire and 5- wire resistive touch screens 12.1” Android Tablet Casino Player Tracking

8 4. Embedded Operating Systems Software support is typically the major roadblock for getting products to market BD provides OS-level software support to help get customers moving quickly and efficiently All Operating System development is done in-house, so minor OS tweaks can be accomplished in a matter of days BD supports Windows Ce, Android, and multiple Linux flavors including Ubuntu, Debian, and LTIB Demo units with customers’ actual software help seal business deals

9 5. Peripheral Support Integrate virtually any peripheral utilizing wide array of daughter boards RFID Readers, barcode scanners, ticket/receipt printers, laser printers, embedded cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Accelerometer, and many more BD can provide device drivers and sample code for all peripheral devices Price Checker – PoE 10.4” device with barcode scanner Turnstile Controller – 5.7” display with speakers, microphone, barcode scanner, relay, Ethernet Kiosk – Dual 7” displays, magnetic card reader, barcode scanner, RFID reader, receipt printer Price Checking Turnstile Controller Kiosk

10 Processor Family Experience with a variety of different processor families Marvell PXA255/270 Texas Instruments DaVinci Intel Z510/Z530 Atom Freescale i.MX31, i.MX51, i.MX53 Xenon - TI DaVinci Titanium - Intel Atom NitrogenE - Freescale i.MX51 Neon270 – Marvell PXA270

11 Nitrogen Family  Based on IMX515 and IMX535 Freescale Processors  Applications: Digital Signage, Streaming Video, Industrial Controls, Tablets, Casino Gaming  Standard Products have a variety of peripherals including USB, 10/100 Ethernet, Serial Ports, HDMI output, Stereo Audio, 5MP Camera  Android, WinCE 6.0, Linux OS Nitrogen53 (IMX535) NitrogenVM (IMX515)NitrogenE (IMX515)

12 IMX5X Enclosures  Numerous Enclosures for our IMX5X boards  Work with industrial designers

13 References BD has worked with many high profile customers including: Ticketmaster Bally Gaming Hitachi General Electric Siemens Lockheed Martin IBM US Navy

14 Summary Dedicated to customer service Custom Designs Power over Ethernet Expertise Experienced in a variety of display and touch screen integration Excellent Hardware & Software Support All OS-level Software in-house Expansive Peripheral Support including device drivers Utilizing Boundary Devices would be a great element in your next design!

15 Contact Us Website: http://boundarydevices.com Email: Phone: 480.2210030

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