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And its impact on RADIO Kabelo Mekoa New and Social Media 2014.

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2 And its impact on RADIO Kabelo Mekoa New and Social Media 2014

3 Definition: The Digital Divide, or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet (specially broadband access) and those who do not have access. Source:


5 Digital Divide - Broader Lower-performance computers, lower-quality or high price connections. Some suggest that the Internet and other ICTs are somehow transforming society, improving our mutual understanding, eliminating power differentials, realizing a truly free and democratic world society, and other benefits.

6 Radio and bridging Digital Divide Radio faces the challenge that all internet based business’s face – South Africa’s little access to Bandwidth. Caused by: Monopoly from international investor who bought 30% stake of Telkom in 1997 but failed to improve technology. Europe has faster and better bandwidth because its largely urbanised and made up largely of small countries whilst South Africa has large rural areas which can pose as a challenge for in putting cables for connection. Giving out free bandwidth could bridge the digital divide but both France and Germany lost 440 Billion dollars due to low bandwidth costs.

7 South African Solution FREE Wi Fi!!

8 Project Isizwe – City of Tswhane the City of Tshwane in South Africa, that aims to provide free Wi-Fi for all in public spaces by 2016. Visit for more information. Project Isizwe aims to provide free internet access that requires no passwords or login details for access. If successful, Tshwane will be the first city on the African continent to have achieved this. Parts of Pretoria inner city already have Free Wi Fi!

9 Radio and the Digital Divide A large population in South Africa own a radio set and thus FM radio doing well. DStv has done great in roads for satellite radio broadcast – DStv compact etc. With DAB coming – it should open up the space more including for internet radio. Internet radio is growing in SA: 2OceansVibe, GoldFM, JaFM, Ballz Radio and CliffCentral.

10 CliffCentral: Solutions to the online radio challenges Streaming: Breakfast show – connect cellphone to Bluetooth or auxiliary cord. Podcasts – on website We Chat – given Cliff Central the edge over other online radio stations in SA. MTN users are able to stream for free as of May 2014. Advantage to attract listeners: “un- radio format with mass appeal” playing on the current success formula that reality TV is using.

11 FM Radio Stations and Online platforms Radio stations attracting a higher LSM audience will invariably attract an audience with access to internet which will also mean access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. e.g Kaya FM, Highveld Stereo, KFM etc. Radio stations in lower LSM market tend to have a poor presence on social networks. Some like Lesedi FM are starting to be more present partly due to growing numbers of young listeners.

12 Kagiso Digital’s Shaylin Naidoo He says radio must exploit the digital space and know that they can always tell the story better. Take a listen: (0.34)

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