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Emo or Psychological Written by Peter Nguyen.

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1 Emo or Psychological Written by Peter Nguyen

2 What does “Emo” mean? Emo is short for emotive or emotional and describes an emerging social trend. However, Emo has two different meanings: One is a style of music. The other is a label people use to describe a group. The group of teens that use the label say that emo is short for emotional, but the term originally came from the Indie music style called Emotive Hardcore. The music: It's basically punk rock, except the lyrics are about emotional things rather than being a rebel. Emo is a kind of rock music which describes several independent types of music with common similar roots. The People: It is a label people give themselves for being apathetic and emotional to an extreme (usually miserable), but wallowing in it and not wanting it to change. They tend to feel they are misunderstood and that life is not fair to them in specific. Emo boys usually wear tight pants (often girls’). Emo girls tend to lean more towards late 70's to early 80's fashion. Both always got a dyed black hair or highlight and the haircuts tend to have awkward sharp angles and are often glossed. They also make up their eyes by black-colour. We can see sadness on their face easily.

3 Why do teenagers turn to Emo?
Today, we can see lots of teens turn to Emo. What is the main reasons for that? According to research, most of teens become Emo because of the family’s affect or they try to control pain. They might turn to Emo to feel alive, to get attention( some people call that are ‘fake’). It could be a cry for help. Expressing their feeling by becoming Emo or by doing turn to Emo they could feel better. There could be another way are stop hurting and making everyone-especially themselves know that they are not invisible. Besides that, there are more reasons why teens turn to Emo but these reasons above are most-known.

4 Why do teenagers turn to Emo?
However, some teenagers are not real Emo. They just become Emo because Emo’s style is trendy. By turning to Emo, some teens could cry any where ,any time; they could be sad even and be happy again suddenly at the same time. That’s what we call ‘fake’. Some teens think Emo culture is fashion, there for they turn to Emo and want everyone to call them Emo kid. Becoming Emo is not really bad but worse than that, some teens could do ‘silly thing’ to get in Emo’s style. They might suicide by cutting themselves because they are depress or sad. Those teens think that:’ Emo kids ‘adore’ depressing. There is a very sad situation about Hannah’s death because of being Emo. There for most of people think there is no safe for kids to become Emo.

5 Why no child is safe from the sinister cult of emo? By TOM RAWSTORNE.
Hannah was a happy 13-year-old until she became an 'emo' - part of a sinister teenage craze that romanticises death. Three months later she hanged herself. Here, her devastated mother tells other parents: No child is safe On the night before she died, she came into their room, kissed her father Raymond on the cheek and cheerfully told him: "I love you, Dad." The following day Hannah's mother Heather went to check on her daughter and found her hanging by a tie from the top rail of her bunk bed. From Fresh-faced to suicidal: Hannah Bond pre ?emo?, left, and weeks before her death. As for Hannah, Emo is fashion.

6 As I said, music is a very important part in Emo culture so it could effect Emo-kids who have strong emotion. Emos like guitar-based rock with emotional lyrics. American bands such as My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte and Blink 182 are particular favourites. Songs with emotional lyrics could makes Crucially, those who self-harm are more likely to go on to attempt suicide. While there is a multitude of reasons for this epidemic (exam-related stress and bullying to name but two), it is hardly surprising that the emergence of a sub-culture that appears to glamorise self-harm and even suicide is being regarded with alarm. Inevitably, criticisms of emo culture are laughed off by those who consider themselves to be at the heart of it. It's just a music thing, they say, and anyone who takes it further has something inherently wrong with them. "If you listen to the lyrics, you will see there is nothing that promotes suicide; and even if there was, no right-minded person would listen to it and think: 'Now I'm going to kill myself,' ' a self-confessed emo wrote last week on a music website following the inquest into Hannah's death. "I don't think anyone can say that there is a link between emo and suicide ? it's just a myth. "Emo has become an easy target for ridicule like this; but the bottom line is emotional does not mean suicide." Those above ideas are teens’ who don’t think people have to cut themselves to become Emo. Emo is not bad for them because they could find some interest in Emo’s style

7 What happens to teens’ brains make them get in ‘Emo’?
As you know, different teens’ brains work in different ways. So Emo-teens’ brain do. Some Emos can handle rejection well, without even the thought of suicide. This is because they have high self-esteem. However, some who has low-esteem might put themselves in suicide by cutting wrist. Why do teens do like that? For answer this question, we have to think about what makes teens think they want to be Emo. Perhaps, teens get depress they might think they had nothing to live for, so they become to Emo to get a new culture life. It could be teens are under pressure from family, studying or friendships which make them feel sad about. They just want to get everyone’s attention and they feel that makes them special. The most important thing is they have got strong emotion. Because of the developing Amygdala( the part of brain which control emotions, feelings) is growing fast. It makes them get the strong emotions and feelings about everything around them. It could be their natural essence but vice versa it could be something effects their brain that make them get the strong emotions than the others. Nowadays, everything could effect teens such as: Internet, Tv or the developed society.

8 What happens to teens’ brains make them get in ‘Emo’?
Somehow, some Emos might ‘kill’ themselves by different causes. Like, some Emos are teased by their friends or people around them. Perhaps, somebody thinks Emos are so bad and hates them within the bad attitude about Emos. That makes Emo feel shameful and makes them suicide. That is what somebody calls ‘Crying inside’. They feel bad, sad or depress because someone teasing them. In fact, one teenager who names Sam was death by teasing from his friends. He’s just only 13, he likes Emo’s dressing and music, so he was teased by his own friends. It shows that: Emos or teens who look like Emo but they are not don’t really want to die to prove that they are Emos. Teasing from the people around them damages their brain makes them put themselves into suicide. It’s not only their fault but it’s also someone-who likes teasing Emo culture, fault. By that, I hope everyone could understand for Emo but we also need to care more about them. Talking and listening to them could be a good method to help Emo-kids.

9 Is Emo culture a psychological development?
For many reasons, becoming Emo could be a psychological development because some teens’ brain would change after affect, especially the Amygdala. Getting a strong feeling is not really bad, not bad at all. However, having a strong emotions could effect your life because sometimes you don’t really care about what would your family think about you if you turned to Emo. That’s self-fish but being Emo might make you happy, just so you know be what you want to be. Emo culture is just a group of kids who could adore sadness or loves. People don’t have to cut or push themselves toward to suicide to be Emo. If they did something like that, they’d have psychological illness. As for me, people should respect Emo culture because that’s not thing between Emo and suicide. Be what you think you would be happy at is more important.


11 These are some Emo’s pictures to refer
Some of them might kiss each other to get attentions. Emo boys who usually look like these above pictures Emos are attractive each other somehow Emo girl usually look like these above pictures, some of them got really fun-look hair style

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