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11TH GRADE 02/10/2011 Course Selection Presentation Class of 2013 Course Selection Presentation.

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1 11TH GRADE 02/10/2011 Course Selection Presentation Class of 2013 Course Selection Presentation

2 Leveling Day #2 FEBRUARY 17 TH Students will receive course card in HR Students take card to teachers for signatures Students should come prepared to pick electives  Electives Fair was February 9 th Students must return card to 5th block teacher or to the Sophomore Center STUDENTS MUST NOT TAKE CARD HOME!

3 MAJOR CLASSES Students must pass 4 of each major subject to graduate in 2013  English  Social Studies  Math  Science  Health/PE Must have teacher signatures

4 TOTAL CREDITS=135 English25 (4 classes) Math30 (4 classes) Science20 (4 classes) Social Studies20 (4 classes) Phys Ed17.5 (4 classes) Grad Project2.5 Electives20

5 Majors -- English English 11 Honors American Literature  Acceler a ted, Academic & Achievement American Studies  10 credit interdisciplinary course  Honors, Accelerated, Academic & Achievement

6 Majors -- Mathematics Honors level students are encouraged to take H PreCalculus & Calculus H AB or BC Most juniors will roster full year Algebra 2

7 Majors -- Science Physics I Conceptual Physics Chemistry I Environmental Science Horticulture Anatomy Earth Science Life Science AP Biology Genetics

8 Majors– Social Studies AP US History US History  Accelerated, Academic, Achievement American Studies  10 credit interdisciplinary course  Honors, Accelerated, Academic, Achievement

9 Additional Requirements Reading counts as an elective Foreign Language counts as an elective Take @ least 2 of the following Electives:  Art  Music  Technology Education  Family and Consumer Science  Foreign Language  Career and Technical Classes Requirement: Portfolio & Grad Project

10 EAP Math and Literacy This year’s Terra Nova and 4Sight scores decide if your student will be placed in EAP Math or Proficiency in Learning. You, your student, or your counselor can not override EAP or Proficiency in Learning. Students should take these exams seriously and do their best.

11 Sample Junior Schedule American StudiesPE/Health 11 American StudiesConceptual Physics Lunch/EAP or GR Algebra 2 Proficiency in LearningElective

12 ELECTIVES Students should come prepared to pick electives on February 17th. They will not be able to take cards home. Most students will have room in their schedule for 3 electives, but will need a total of 5-6 possible choices. Students must select alternate classes that interest them because they may not receive their first choice elective. Students should check to see if they need pre-requisites or teacher recommendations

13 Electives The choice is important!  What does your child like to do?  What might he/she like to learn more about?  What do they want to do after high school?  Consider the PLAN results!!!!!

14 Art Studio Art (semester or lunch block) 3D Sculpture Ceramics Visual Arts Computer Generated Art *Art Major (semester or lunch block)

15 Business Education  Information Processing  Accounting & Marketing  *Microsoft Office  Introduction to Business  Entrepreneurship  Personal Finance  Business Law/Management  Travel & Tourism  Office Procedures Preparation for career skills or college major

16 Computer Science Programming Web Design AP Programming Robotics Programming

17 Family & Consumer Science Nutrition and Introductory Foods *Regional & Global Foods, Baking & Confections, Foods & Hospitality Interior Design, Fashion 1 & 2 Child Development *Preschool Practicum Lab Adult Roles & Relationships Gerontology

18 Foreign Language During School:  Spanish  French  German  Mandarin After School (BLOCK 6)  Italian

19 Music Instrumental Music  Band (audition)  Orchestra (audition)  Wind Ensemble (audition)  Jazz Ensemble (audition)  Piano Keyboard

20 Music Vocal Music  Chorus  Choir (audition)  Encore Singers (audition)

21 Technology Education Graphics and Desktop Publishing Computer Assisted Drafting Engineering & Architecture Home Mechanics Woodworking (semester or lunch block) Engines Technology (semester or lunch block) Electronics Drafting & Design Energy, Power & Transportation

22 NEW Opportunities Career & Technical School  It is not too late to apply to DCTS  Your student should see their counselor ASAP  Students must have passing grades, good attendance, and no discipline problems  All major courses must be up-to-date

23 NEW Opportunities Cooperative Learning Plan now if you are interested in a business co-op for your senior year  Accounting:  Info Processing, Accounting 1, Office Procedures  Marketing:  Info Processing & Marketing 1  Office Assistant  Info Processing & Office Procedures

24 NEW Opportunities Service Learning  Reading Peer Tutoring  ELL Peer Tutoring  Volunteer Service

25 COURSE CARD 1 1 1 2 2 2

26 DON’T FORGET... Verification letters will be sent home with 3rd quarter report cards Read the course book online:  Available for download under HIGH SCHOOL/GUIDANCE/COURSE SELECTION Talk to your children Students should speak with teachers and get their signatures Students MUST TURN IN their COURSE CARD on Leveling Day

27 IMPORTANT! Any changes to electives and majors must be made by the last day of the school-year. If students do not have enough electives by this date, counselors will select electives for them. No preferential changes will be made after the end of the year.

28 Make an Appointment If you or your student would like to discuss course selection, please make an appointment. Students may request to see their counselor in homerooms. Parents may schedule meetings  Ms. Saracinox322A-G  Mr. Brookover x323H-O  Ms. Sheehanx324P-Z

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