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Read to Learn Define what is meant by the social responsibility of business.

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2 Read to Learn Define what is meant by the social responsibility of business.

3 Key Term social responsibility the duty to do what is best for the good of society

4 What are some examples of how companies can integrate social responsibility into all aspects of the business? GAP Inc. feels very strongly about social responsibility –

5 Business and Social Responsibility
The social responsibility of business takes into consideration all that a business does or does not do to solve the problems of society. social responsibility the duty to do what is best for the good of society

6 Business and Social Responsibility
Businesses that follow ethical standards value integrity and honesty in employees. Ethics are an integral part of their business practices. Some businesses are concerned about limiting the damage that they do to the environment.

7 Businesses have several responsibilities…
Responsibility to Customers Responsibility to Employees Responsibility Responsibility to Society Responsibility to Creditors and Owners

8 Responsibility to Customers
Businesses should offer a good, safe product or service at a reasonable price. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is a federal government agency that protects consumers from dangerous or falsely advertised products.

9 Responsibility to Customers
Fair competition among businesses is necessary for a market economy. When companies conspire to restrict competition, consumers are affected. When there is no competition, a businesses productivity decreases, limiting choices and increasing prices of products

10 Responsibility to Customers
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was created by the government to protect consumers from dangerous or falsely advertised products.

11 Responsibility to Customers
Companies also provide different resources and opportunities for the communities that they are in. A computer manufacture may provide computer recycling, donate computers to schools, and provide computer literacy workshops. GAP Inc. …

12 Responsibility to Employees
GAP Inc. … Businesses can show responsibility to employees in various ways. Providing work experience for people with limited job skills Volunteerism Providing safe working conditions Equal treatment Fair pay

13 Responsibility to Employees
The Equal Pay Act requires that men and women be paid the same wages for doing equal work. The Americans with Disabilities Act bans discrimination against people with physical or mental disability. GAP Inc. …

14 Responsibility to Society
In 1970, the U.S. government created the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA enforces rules that protect the environment and control pollution. GAP Inc. …

15 Earth-Friendly Products
Many beauty-product companies include mission statements regarding the environment in their advertising and on their labels. Origins, for one, promises to preserve the earth, animals, and the environment.

16 Responsibility to Creditors and Owners
The government passed the Sarbannes-Oxley Act to mandate truthful reporting. Sarbannes-Oxley makes the CEO of a business more accountable for the actions of the financial managers of a firm.

17 How is producing a good or service a way of being socially responsible?
Many products and services benefit society.

18 What is the mission of the Food and Drug Administration?
The FDA protects the quality and safety of the food and drugs in the marketplace.

19 What is one of the biggest social issues that businesses face today?
Environmental responsibility is one of the biggest issues.

20 Corporate Social Responsibility Activity
Find a partner Get a company – Fruit Machine Go to the lab and do your research Report back in 15 minutes Discuss what was found

21 Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies
Company Products Safe Community Employees Environment Starbucks We consider customer safety first and foremost as we develop and select Starbucks products and equipment –and strive to engineer out as many causes of injury as possible. They provide great tasting fresh coffee products at a reasonable price. They also work together with partners, suppliers, and farmers to help build stronger local communities, to minimize our environmental footprint, and to promote diversity. We value and respect our employees because we know that our success depends on them. We strive to create the best possible workplace environment. We listen to our employees, offer benefits to them, and we concentrate on health and safety. We recycle where both space and commercial recycling services are available. We make efficient use and conservation of raw materials, minimization of waste, clean production, and we use environmentally preferable paper. Hasbro Toyota Making more efficient and safer cars that are eco-friendly They are providing charities in communities they are helping They are making the lobbies of the buildings cleaner and the work places cleaner They are make more efficient cars that a safe to the environment and less costly cars that are eco-friendly General Motors Sony Meet customers requirements in term of satisfaction,realibility, and trust; high quality products. A wide variaty of contributions to help address the needs of the community. Share common policies and visions while respecting the diverse culture and practices of the countries they are in. Aim to provide more environmentally friendly products and services by using superior technology and innovation to reduce harmful effects on the environment. Avon Kohls Has an active commutment to improving the health and educational opportunities for children in kohl’s communities Honored for being the number 2 retail purchaser of renewable energy

22 Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies
Company Products Safe Community Employees Environment American Eagle Outfitters Makes sure they are treated with dignity and respect. Will not use real animal fur or use of animal testing on its products. Sanyo Make solar panels Respecting the diversity of individuals All employees to fully realize their abilities Nintendo Nintendo set up the product safety assurance system to review the quality of the product in all stages of production. No longer uses Styrofoam. Offers employees various programs and opportunities to help promote healthy lifestyle choices. They support many foundations such as: boys and girls club and the Make A Wish Foundation. Verizon Online safety Creates jobs Help them reach there full potential Promoting the green benefits of broadband networks HP Privacy, ethics and compliances, human rights and labor practices Recycling Freely chosen employment, no child labor, minimum wages, working hours, no discrimination, no harsh or inhumane treatment, freedom of association Environmental sustainability, meet applicable legal requirements, reduce occupational injury and illness risks, aggressively pursue the pollution prevention, energy conservation and waste reduction Clorox Dole Food Company Places farm codes on each individual product to track the source if product is unsatisfactory Nutrition programs Chairs for trees program Adopt-a-school program Provides living quarters and jobs for families in Costa Rica Sets up health and medical programs in Ecuador Energy conservation and recylining programs Water recycling programs Plastic c recycling Subway Makes heart healthy foods They promote healthy lifestyles and sponsor American Heart Associations Start! Its an Equal Opportunity employer Cleaning supplies are non-corrosive and they re-use and recycle. Corporate Social Responsibility of Companies

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