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Valley Forge Document Based Questioning (DBQ) 12-8-14.

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1 Valley Forge Document Based Questioning (DBQ) 12-8-14

2 Bell Ringer What do you remember (if at all)about Valley Forge? Don’t forget- MOW on back! Due Friday!!!

3 Objective By the end of tomorrow…you will be able to: – Describe the conditions that the Continental Army faced at Valley Forge – Analyze several primary sources

4 Review from last week Go over quiz—any questions? Need to back up your answer. If you say Washington was the reason the Continental Army won the war, TELL ME WHY YOU SAY THAT.

5 TIA:-Final due tomorrow!!!!! Some tips: 1.“fully explain” details= give me the WHY YOU CHOSE THAT DETAIL “Washington was a persistent leader” (ok. Why do you say that?what does that mean??How does that compare with the British? Etc.)

6 Writing Assignment more tips Your thesis is your whole outline for your paragraph. Your supporting details back it up. (explain/expand) Example: If you say the Americans had more strengths, then tell me that!

7 Writing Assignment Tips 1.See me if you need any explanations of my comments!

8 Review What were American strengths? Weaknesses? Bell Ringer review: What was Valley Forge??

9 Valley Forge Notes (on your DBQ or in your notes) Military Camp (Continental Army) during winter of 1777-78. Pennsylvania- secure location Army faced HARSH conditions

10 Valley Forge Starvation, disease, malnutrition and exposure killed almost 2500 Americans. (Let’s ask: Why were they starved? What is malnutrition? Exposure? Why weren’t they well equipped? )

11 Valley Forge Only nourishment was with ‘firecakes’– flour and water mixture Lived in huts that were damp and only provided shelter- not much else.

12 Valley Forge Aid comes! France signs alliance pact (February 6, 1778) that gave aid to the Continental Army

13 Valley Forge Gave soldiers a “strong will”- to persevere, endure and triumph Now…let’s read about the harsh conditions in more depth…

14 Document Based Questioning (DBQ) Pre-read (2 min) We will do the first one together. You have the rest of the time to continue. We will finish tomorrow

15 Exit Slip What is one description of the harsh conditions at Valley Forge?

16 Bell Ringer 1.Describe Valley Forge 2. Put final draft in my inbox 3. Take out packet on Valley Forge from yesterday!!

17 DBQ continuation Let’s review from yesterday/ go over any questions Work with a partner if you’d like to finish Writing assignment is due tomorrow!

18 1 st period only I will not see you for class tomorrow SO… Your writing assignment is due on Thursday So is the worksheet on the Articles of Confederation

19 1 st. period Link to crash course (and ?s) on Articles of Confederation on Simeonwebsite h?v=bO7FQsCcbD8 h?v=bO7FQsCcbD8 I highly recommend you watch it. Only need to watch first 6min. or so

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