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The Legend of Damon and Pythias

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1 The Legend of Damon and Pythias
Adapted as a play by Fan Kissen

2 Word Knowledge Line 1: astonish astonished astonishment
Line 2: punish punishing punishment Line 3: appoint appointed appointment Line 4: country coins cried could crowd call cruel Line 5: tyrant champion prisoner traitor Line 6: struggle robbers last prison tell

3 Sentence 1: When Damon heard that his friend Pythias had been thrown into prison, and the severe punishment that was to follow, he was heartbroken. Sentence 2: I’ll tell him that if you do not return by the appointed day, he may kill me, in your place. Sentence 3: The King of that country was a cruel tyrant. Sentence 4: When robbers get caught stealing, they go to prison.

4 Phonics & Fluency Phonics & Fluency Line 1- ago open only moment crow
Line 2- flow stow window home throne Line 3- alone broke oak goat toast Line 4- coach approach doe foe woe Sent 1- Tomorrow we will reach our goal. Sent 2- We will see the ocean when we get to the coast. Sent 3- One day a soldier overheard Pythias speaking against a new law the King had proclaimed.

5 tyrant a harsh, unjust ruler

6 rebel to resist a ruler’s power

7 appointed to name officially

8 traitor someone who betrays another’s trust

9 honorable deserving of honor or respect

10 Vocabulary- FITB tyrant rebel appointed traitor honorable
To be an _________________ person, one must always try to do the right thing. Throughout history, people have suffered under the harsh laws of _______________. Every country has harsh laws against anyone who is a _______________. At long last, the people rose up to _______________ against the unjust laws. Tracy was __________________ Most Valuable Player after the game.

11 Vocabulary Matching tyrant to name officially rebel
- to resist a ruler’s power appointed - deserving of honor or respect traitor - a harsh, unjust ruler honorable someone who betrays another’s trust

12 Build Background What stories do you know of that show trust and loyalty between true friends? This story is a myth. Have you read any other myths, such as Hercules. Can you give examples of true friendship? What sorts of actions indicate trust and loyalty between friends? How is reading a play different from other types of reading? What are some characteristics of a play?

13 Build Background (cont.)
This story takes place in ancient Sicily, an island off the coast of Italy. Locate Sicily on the map. The way people dressed was different from the way they dress today. This story is based on a famous Greek myth. Myths are often remembered and passed down because the characters in them demonstrate qualities that people admire. Some myths are fictional, but many are based on actual events or people. Damon and Pythias were real people who lived more than two thousand years ago.

14 Preview & Prepare Open your reading book to pg. 94.
Browse the first two pages of the story. Focus Questions: What would be a true test of friendship? What would you be willing to give up for a friend?

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