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Study Game Folk Literature, “Perseus,” and “The Silver Pool”

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1 Study Game Folk Literature, “Perseus,” and “The Silver Pool”

2 When we meet Fionn (Fin), his goal is to do what?  Kill the king and avenge his father’s death

3 Fionn’s real name is which of the following? Demna

4 Finnegas does what for a living?  He is a poet.

5 What is Finnegas doing when Fionn meets him?  Fishing for the Salmon of Knowledge

6 Why does Fionn offer to do Finnegas’ chores and cook his meals?  He wants to learn to write poetry.

7 What does Fionn discover when out for a walk?  a sword

8 What does the prophecy say about the person who will benefit from the fish?  His name must be Fionn or Finnegas  He must have a sword  He must know poetry

9 How does Fionn end up fulfilling the prophecy?  He accidentally eats one of the scales.

10 What are Fionn’s plans at the end of the story?  He will gather an army and kill the king.

11 What are Finnegas’ plans at the end of the story?  He will stay in the woods.

12 Who is the hero in “The Silver Pool”?  Fionn

13 What type of folk literature is “The Silver Pool”?  Legend

14 When was this story created?  over 1000 years ago

15 In “Perseus,” what prediction does the priestess make to Acrisius?  His daughter would have a son who would kill him

16 What action does Acrisius take to prevent the prediction from coming true?  He kept Danae in an underground house with bronze walls

17 Because he has no gift to offer the ruler of the island, what does Perseus brag that he will do?  Find Medusa, cut off her head, and present it as his gift

18 Who takes care of Perseus and Danae after their chest landed on an island?  Dictys the fisherman

19 Which of the following gods/goddesses assist Perseus in his quest?  Hermes and Athena

20 Perseus is given which two gifts from the gods?  a sword and a shield

21 The three Gray Women (witches) share this  eye

22 Perseus saves ___________ and marries her.  Andromeda

23 When Perseus returns to the island, he does which of the following?  Turns the king and his men to stone

24 Perseus heard that the King of Larissa was holding a great athletic contest. When he hurls the _____________, it swerves and kills ______________ in the stands.  Discus, his grandfather

25 Perseus gives Medusa’s head to  Athena

26 “Perseus” is an example of which type of folk literature?  Myth

27 Myths, legends, folk tales, and proverbs are a few types of  Folk literature

28 A __________is a traditional story from particular cultures that deal with gods, goddesses, and other supernatural beings.  Myth

29 Characteristics of a myth include  human or human-like qualities  religious beliefs or values  explain natural occurrences

30 Characteristics of a __________ include stories passed down through generations, based on real events of characters from long ago, has historical basis, and may contain fantastic or unverifiable elements.  Legend

31 A ____________________ is a brief story passed by word of mouth from generation to generation.  Folk tale

32 The characteristics of a ____________ are traditional short sayings, they give people advice about how to live, and express a belief generally thought to be true.  Proverb

33 A(n) ______________ is a story, character, motif or theme representing a familiar pattern repeated throughout literature and across cultures.  Archetype

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