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Lesson One We live only once: How to live well and make it worthwhile.

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1 Lesson One We live only once: How to live well and make it worthwhile

2 What is the Meaningful Living Group? It is about life. The big questions about human existence (the meaning of life, the meaning of suffering, and the meaning of death) The challenges and predicaments in our personal lives (hopes and fears, aspirations and frustrations, happiness and sadness, love and hate)

3 What is Your View on Life? Life is a gift from God to be enjoyed with gratitude. Life is nothing more than a dream. Life is a journey and adventure. Life is a game. Life is an investment. Life is an ordeal. Life is joyride. None of the above.

4 What makes a life worth living? 1.Everyone has only one life – How do you get it right the first time? 2.Life is finite; life is short – How do you make the most of it? 3.Life offers many opportunities – How do you make the right choices? 4.Life is a constant struggle – How do you overcome the obstacles? 5.Everyone wants a better life – How do you achieve it?

5 The Reality – Ideal Gap

6 Four Prototypical Life Trajectories

7 The Ontological Anxiety Security - guilt - regret Ideal - fear of failure - uncertainty

8 The Great Disillusion Is that all there is to life? If this is success, why am I still feeling unhappy and empty? “vanity of vanities, all is vanity” (Ecc. 1:2)

9 The Great Deception I’ll be satisfied only if I can win the whole world. I can solve all my problems by myself. Life is not worth living if it entails suffering.

10 Calculus of the Good Life G = A + D + P + O + X where, A = Who I am + What I have + My present situation D = My cherished dreams + My core values + My life goals P = The right path + Opportunities + Resources O = Obstacles + Oppositions + Past failures X = Extraneous factors + Luck + Accidents *The above equations provide a check list of the answers you need to find in order to maximize the likelihood of living a worthy life.

11 The Johari’s Window

12 Sample Question of the LOP 1.Please rank order your preference for the following icons. a.Nelson Mandela or Mohammed Gandhi b.Lady Gaga or Madonna c.Mother Teresa d.Steve Jobs (founder of Apple)

13 Sample Question of the LOP 2.Please rank order what kind of life you would prefer. a.A challenging but successful life. b.An ordinary but comfortable life. c.A difficult but meaningful life. d.A sacrificial virtuous life.

14 What is Your Life Orientation? The pleasant life The successful life The virtuous life The meaningful life What is your Life Orientation Profile? Do you know why? Do you know the pros and cons of each profile?

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