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INTERPROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONALISM: What is it and how do we measure it? Dana Hammer, RPh, MS, PhD, University of Washington.

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1 INTERPROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONALISM: What is it and how do we measure it? Dana Hammer, RPh, MS, PhD, University of Washington

2 OVERVIEW Explore Interprofessional Professionalism Collaborative (IPC) and interprofessional professionalism (IPP) Discuss the interprofessional professionalism assessment (IPA) Describe future initiatives of IPC

3 Establishment of IPC Doctoral health professions were wrestling independently with professionalism –How does the profession define professionalism? –How is professionalism taught? –How is professionalism measured? –Were any professions working collaboratively on professionalism? –Are there similarities among professional behaviors within the various health care professions?

4 Audiology/Speech-Language Pathology (ASHA) Allopathic Medicine (AAMC) Dentistry (ADEA) Internal Medicine (ABIM) Nursing (AACN) *Occupational Therapy (AOTA) Optometry (ASCO) Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) Pharmacy (AACP) Physical Therapy (APTA) Psychology (APA) Veterinary Medicine (AAVMC) National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) MEMBERS of the INTERPROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONALISM COLLABORATIVE (IPC)

5 Initial Discussions of IPC Discovered the topic was worthwhile, however, collaboration was not evident Initiated working collaboratively on interprofessional professionalism

6 DEFINITION of INTERPROFESSIONAL PROFESSIONALISM 1 Stern DT. Measuring Medical Professionalism. Oxford University Press. New York, NY;2006:19. “Consistent demonstration of core values evidenced by professionals working together, aspiring to and wisely applying principles 1 of, altruism, excellence, caring, ethics, respect, communication, accountability to achieve optimal health and wellness in individuals and communities.”

7 Professionalism Interprofessional Professionalism Effective communication Committed collaborative teams Quality Care Patient Safety Patient/Client /Family- Centered Care

8 IPC Goals Serve as a national resource center for curriculum development and evaluation for interprofessional professionalism. Develop a toolkit to include: –an interprofessional professionalism assessment (IPA) focused on health professions’ entry into practice, and –education resources for use in teaching to further interprofessional professionalism (IPP).

9 Outcomes to Date Interprofessional Assessment (IPA) tool in preparation for pilot testing National and International Presentations IPC Website Published articles


11 PUBLICATIONS Holtman M, Frost J, Hammer DP, McGuinn K, Nunez LM. Interprofessional professionalism: Linking professionalism and interprofessional care. Journal of Interprofessional Care. 2011; 25: 383-385. Hammer D, Anderson MB, Brunson WD, Grus C, Heun L, Holtman M, Mashima T, McGuinn K, Nunez L, Register S, Ross L, Ruffin A, Frost JG. Defining and Measuring a Construct of Interprofessional Professionalism. Journal of Allied Health 2012;41(2):e49–e53.

12 Draft IPA Instrument for Pilot Not for reproduction or widespread adoption currently Pilot begins this fall – do you think your institution would be interested as a test site? See handout on table

13 Discussion

14 Questions 1.How could the IPA begin to shape interprofessional education policy and culture? 2. Are there assessment or research models that you are currently using to promote IPP? Successes and challenges? 3. What challenges do you foresee with using this instrument (IPA)? 4. What strategies could organizations employ to facilitate interprofessional assessment and research? 5. What recommendations do you have for IPC as we go forward (e.g, other tools, curricula)?


16 CONTACT US www.interprofessionalprofessionalism.w

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