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NOMS Co-Financing Organisation Social Enterprise Consortia Building Procurement Round 2012 Bill Spiby (NOMS CFO Lead Manager – Corporate)

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1 NOMS Co-Financing Organisation Social Enterprise Consortia Building Procurement Round 2012 Bill Spiby (NOMS CFO Lead Manager – Corporate)

2 NOMS Who we are The National Offender Management Service (NOMS) was created as an Executive Agency of the Ministry of Justice in July 2008 What we do Our job is to protect the public and reduce reoffending by delivering the punishments and orders of the courts, helping offenders to reform their lives and in doing so prevent future victims of crime

3 NOMS (cont.) Specifies and commissions Offender Management services Directly manages 125 public sector prisons (and a directly employed workforce of c48,000) Contract manages 12 private sector prisons and a range of system-wide contracts (such as Prisoner Escort and Custody Services (PECS); Electronic Monitoring; Bail Accommodation Contract) Contract manages 35 Probation Trusts and Third Sector Providers Manages system-wide service delivery

4 NOMS CFO A key objective for NOMS is the reduction of offending Helping ex-offenders secure employment significantly impacts upon NOMS ability to meet that objective Can only be achieved through strong partnerships with public, private and VCSE sector organisations Co-Financing programme allows NOMS to fund activities to engage and motivate offenders thus increasing their ability to access mainstream services and employment opportunities

5 CFO Main Programme A single prime provider or consortia lead per region Fixed case management model Long contracts (4 years) Delivered through CATS Link to Offender Management arrangements 70:30 community/custody split Challenging targets for women and disabled Mentoring, social enterprise and help for veterans Intensive delivery to extremely hard-to-help groups

6 Offender Target Group Skilled, qualified but unemployed Unqualified, unskilled and unemployed Unskilled, unqualified, de-motivated, drugs / alcohol issues, behavioural issues, debt problems, accommodation problems. DWP… SFA… NOMS CFO Hard to help group who are currently not able to access mainstream provision, and are therefore unable to return to the labour market

7 Hard-to-Help Groups North East – Lifers North West - Women with low-level mental health needs/Belief in Change Merseyside - as North West Yorkshire & Humber - Islamist extremists/sex offenders South Yorkshire - Sex offenders East Midlands - Dual Diagnosis Offenders/female sex workers West Midlands - Travellers/show people East of England - Female sex workers South East - Offenders with dependent families (particularly 18-24s) London – Veterans/young people involved in gang activity/prisoners released following sentences served abroad South West - Young offenders transitioning into the adult justice system/ Belief in Change/Eden House Cornwall – link to SW sub-group participants

8 NOMS CFO. Where we fit Drugs Interventions Counselling Prison Education Housing Mainstream Alcohol Interventions Voluntary Organisations CFO Case Worker Action Plan Offender focused employment services Mentoring

9 The NOMS CFO Process Offenders are assessed as having significant barriers to employment (accommodation, drugs, health issues etc) The NOMS CFO Case Worker creates an action plan with the participant which aims to address their multiple barriers. The Case Worker begins work on the action plan, making referrals where appropriate and completing actions themselves The Case Worker continually re- assesses the action plan to make sure that it is appropriate and achieving its aim. As the barriers to employment begin to be addressed, the case worker will begin to focus on moving the participant into employment or education. At the end of the project participants either enter employment, education or are more able to engage with mainstream employment initiatives

10 NOMS CFO in numbers 40,896 participants started so far 4434 employment outcomes claimed 8356 hard education/training outcomes 1 in 3 would consider self employment 59% have used illegal drugs 72% do not have a valid, current driving licence 16,806 did not complete their formal school education 1 in 9 have mental health problems 1 in 3 have outstanding debts or fines 1269 are carers for a friend or relative 224,526 soft outcomes achieved 3061 have problems using numbers project overview assessed needs 1 in 4 participants are non white-British 30 years old on average at time of starting 1742 veterans 1818 aged 50 or over on starting demographics 1 in 8 female participants 223 of which were for NEETs

11 European Social Fund ESF affords unique opportunity to trial innovative approaches to resettlement Complex administrative / monitoring requirements Non-negotiable Purchasing restrictions Participant eligibility Resettlement focus Additionality

12 Conditions Contract not grants Defined outputs Defined deadlines Regular reports Quality of provision Might be worthwhile but is it in the contract Might be in the contract but is it worthwhile Not just delivery focus Inform future delivery Evaluation

13 Monitoring and Support Procurement specialists Social Enterprise Compliance Managers Programme of audit and support visits We will help and advise with regard to monitoring requirements We will withhold and/or reclaim payments if non compliant Responsibility lies with consortia lead NOMS views this as a partnership

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