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Men in Nursing? Why Nursing? What do Nurses do?. What Does a Nurse Look Like???

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1 Men in Nursing? Why Nursing? What do Nurses do?

2 What Does a Nurse Look Like???

3 Nurses Can be male or female Come from many walks of life Come in all shapes and sizes Work hard to help others achieve their best level of health Study hard so that they have the knowledge and skills to be effective nurses Work in many different settings

4 Nurses Do Exciting Work

5 Have you seen… Nurses on TV working on trauma patients? Nurses working in an emergency room? Nurses working alongside doctors in the operating room? Nurses that respond to accident scenes via helicopter?

6 Working on a medical helicopter that does transports and responds to accident scenes

7 Working in an Emergency Room Working at an accident scene

8 Other jobs that nurses do

9 “After much thinking, I decided nursing was the career for me....” “I was inspired by an ICU nurse.......” “I spent nearly a week in the hospital and had alot of time to think about how the quality of nursing care and how I could contribute......” Reasons some male nurses give for choosing nursing

10 Why Should YOU do Nursing?? It is an exciting career with LOTS of job options and opportunities It is challenging and rewarding It allows you to help others You can travel to other places while getting paid to be a nurse

11 Why Should YOU do Nursing?? Money - The starting salaries in California are around $83,000 per year. Career opportunities - Emergency Room, ICU, Hospice, Nursery, Surgery, travel nursing Secure Job – find jobs in any state

12 What do Nurses do??? Care for people Help people Teach people how to be healthy Have lots of interaction with the patients And lots more!!!

13 Jobs that Nurses Do Cardiac Care Emergency Room Surgery Doctors Office Administration Case Management Pediatrics Labor and Delivery Jail or Prison Nursing


15 Is Nursing School Hard? Nursing school is difficult but if you are a good student, work hard, and like working with people it can be very rewarding For a basic nursing degree (Associate Degree in Nursing) there are almost two years of prerequisite courses and then two years of nursing courses Prerequisite courses often include anatomy, physiology, microbiology, English, math, social sciences, speech and nutrition See a counselor to discuss what you need to do to become a nurse

16 Nurses are always thought of very highly by the general public. You can have a good job, be respected in your community, and do something worthwhile by being a nurse.

17 If you want a CAREER that demands INTELLIGENCE, COURAGE and SKILL and offers UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY, consider NURSING!

18 Consider Nursing – Links to More Info am.html am.html http://www.forensic-nursing- egree.php http://www.forensic-nursing- egree.php

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