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Traces roots to 1908 Worldwide Employment: 213,000 2012 Worldwide Vehicle Sales: 9.3 million 2012 Global Vehicle Market: 11.5% 2012 Global Revenue: $152.3.

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1 Traces roots to 1908 Worldwide Employment: 213,000 2012 Worldwide Vehicle Sales: 9.3 million 2012 Global Vehicle Market: 11.5% 2012 Global Revenue: $152.3 billion 2012 Net Income: $4.9 billion GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY

2 Driving three sources of advanced technology  Internally developed  Externally from startups  Externally from established partners CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER

3 Take the BEST of what the OUTSIDE has to offer COMBINED with the BEST WE have to offer INNOVATION STRATEGY: DEVELOP, INVEST & PARTNER

4 R&D KEY TECHNOLOGY AREAS Manufacturing Technology – Technologies that advance efficiency and change the manufacturing paradigm Connected Vehicle – Technologies at the intersection of information and entertainment in the vehicle including HMI, speech recognition, cloud services, integration of personal devices, etc. Automotive Cleantech – Technologies related to vehicle propulsion, fuel economy, emissions, energy, etc. Advanced Materials – Materials that create mass efficiency, performance, cost and/or environmental benefits Sensors, Processors and Memory – Technologies that improve functionality or solve technical challenges like automated driving, advanced safety features, etc.

5 Advanced Tech Center Israel / Research Groups  TBD (CyberSecurity, Electrification…. Vehicle Controls and Robotics  Advanced Controls, Estimation Theory, Signal Processing, Actuation, Power Electronics, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Systems, Computational Motor Control, Robotics Wireless Enablers for Connected Vehicle  Cellular Technologies (4G, LTE), Infotainment, Navigation, cyber-security  Software Defined Radio and Cognitive Communication  Vehicle2Vehicle Network Evolution and distributed infrastructureless “Fog” application  Low cost, low data rate, intra vehicular sensor networks with power harvesting Human Machine Interface (HMI)  Speech Technologies (enhance natural speech, advanced dialog managers, user models, context algorithms and noise robustness)  Driver centric Adaptive Automation system for Automated vehicles  Integrated Experience and Multimodal Interfaces (speech, gestures, tactile/touch... ) Smart Sensing and Computer Vision  Active safety & Autonomous Driving (sensors’ fusion, scanning MEMS Lidar, MIMO radar, sensor fault detection, 2D/3D Vision, signal processing, electro-optics)  Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition  Flexible and Agile Manufacturing systems Smart Sensing and Computer Vision Human Machine Interface (HMI) Wireless Enablers for Connected Vehicle Vehicle Controls and Robotics TBD (CyberSecurity, Electrification….

6 HMI of Infotainment Systems 1920’s 6 1950’s 2000’s 1950’s 2000’s HMI of Vehicle Interior A Very Brief History of HMI of Instrument Clusters 2000’s

7 Lane Departure Warning Cadillac DTS Cadillac STS Buick Lucerne Opel Insignia Opel Astra LDW w/Traffic Sign Recognition “Opel Eye” Speed/Curve Advisor Cadillac STS Cadillac DTS Cadillac SRX Rear Vision Camera Many Models Electronic Stability Control Many Models Adaptive Cruise Control w/Forward Collision Alert Cadillac DTS Cadillac STS Side Blind Zone Spotter Mirror Chevrolet Traverse Side Blind Zone Alert Cadillac DTS Cadillac STS Cadillac Escalade Buick Lucerne Buick LaCrosse GMC Yukon/ Yukon Denali Chevrolet Tahoe/ Suburban SAFETY AND CRASH AVOIDANCE TECHNOLOGIES Dual Feature Front Camera: Lane Departure Warning and Forward Collision Alert Chevrolet Equinox GMC Terrain Opel Zafira Adaptive Cruise Control and Auto Collision Mitigation Braking

8 CONSUMER ELECTRONICS IS DRIVING MANY OF TODAY’S IN-VEHICLE “CONNECTIVITY” FEATURES ANY TIME ANY CONTENT ANY WHERE Pervasive GPS + iPhone and App Eco-system Social Networking Personal Media Mobile Data Plan Personal Navigation

9 HMI Challenge for Current & Future Vehicles Information Overload!!! - Humans  Cognitive Workload, Driver Distraction  Situation awareness  Cultural differences  Digital natives vs. Aging drivers 9 – Interfaces (Interactions)  Speech technologies  Gestures and Haptics  Multimodal interfaces  New displays (3D, conformal HUD)  Configurable, personalized, adaptive – Machines (Technology)  Automated driving  Active safety devices and warnings  Connected vehicles - information  Communication: phone, sms, web,  Entertainment E – Environmental Factors  Urbanization  Traffic congestion  Cost of energy  Mixed technologies, mobile world HMI

10 HMI Research Methods Traditional/Existing  Usability testing  Driving Simulator testing for performance, workload, and situation awareness  User centered design approach  Contextual inquiry, ethnographic studies  Field operation tests for user interface testing  Focus groups 10 Further Needed  Predictive engineering models  Theory for adaptive user interfaces  Data mining of large-scale deployed systems and online updates to HMI  Understanding Integration of information and flow

11 Oct. 2012 Human Machine Interface in GM ATC-I 11 Technical Charter of HMI group in Israel Human Machine Interaction technologies, methods, and expert knowledge for: Speech and Multimodal Interaction Contextual HMI Tools and Methods Areas of Expertise Speech Technologies Human Automation Interaction Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning and Adaptation Formal Methods; Modeling and Verification Acoustics and Noise Control Linguistics and Language Development Natural Language Processing Multi-agent Systems Automotive Human Factors Integration and Organization of Information Multimodal Interaction

12 Test Vehicle with programmable instrument cluster for user testing. Real-time information flow from CAN Bus for Rear Seat Infotainment applications and for testing adaptive automation concepts Off-head gaze tracking system (Smart Eye) Wide-View Head Up Display for content generation & testing Driving simulator (NADS Minisim) Speech recognition laboratory (SMS demo, Dialog system- CMU, Dialog system-Cambridge Multimodal infotainment interface with Wizard of Oz Implementation HMI Laboratory Setup

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