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Male Reproductive System

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1 Male Reproductive System
One of the mechanisms that maintain life from one generation to another

2 External Male Reproductive Organs
Penis Scrotum

3 Internal Male Reproductive Organs
Testes Seminiferous tubules Epididymis Vas Deferens Seminal Vesicles Ejaculatory Duct Prostate Gland Cowper’s Gland Urethra

4 Male Reproductive Organs
Bladder 6. Prostate 4. Seminal Vesicle 3. Vas Deferens 8. Urethra 7.Cowper’s Gland Scrotum 5. Ejaculatory Duct Penis 2. Epididymis 1.Testes

5 Male Reproductive Organs

6 Male External Reproductive Organs
Penis – The male sex organ for reproduction and urination Scrotum – A sac like pouch that hangs under the penis and holds the testes Regulates the temperature of the testes (3-5 degrees)

7 Male Internal Reproductive Organs
Testes – Male reproductive glands that produce sperm and testosterone. Seminiferous tubules – network of coiled tubules in which sperm are produced spermatogenesis Sperm – male reproductive cells make up 2-5% of semen Nucleus, body, tail…measures 1/6000th of an inch Epididymis – Comma shaped structure located along the upper rear surface of the testes where sperm mature Vas Deferens – two long thin tubes that act as a passage way for sperm

8 Male Internal Reproductive Organs
Seminal Vesicles – two elongated saclike glands at the base of the bladder. Contribute to 60 percent of the fluid in ejaculate (rich in sugar). Ejaculatory Duct – short, straight tube that passes into the prostate and opens into the urethra. Prostate Gland – Produces fluid that helps keep sperm alive. Cowper’s Gland – Two glands located below the prostate. Secrete a alkaline, lubricating fluid into the urethra. Urethra – Passage way for sperm/semen and urine to leave the body.

9 Male Reproductive Terms
Semen – fluid that is released by the reproductive organs. Contains fluids from Seminal vesicles Prostate gland Cowper’s Glands Erection – process that occurs when the penis engorges with blood, swells and elongates. Ejaculation – passage of semen from the penis, a result of a series of involuntary muscle contractions.

10 Male Reproductive Health
What is Circumcision? The surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis. Uncircumcised males should pull the foreskin back regularly and clean to prevent bacteria Smegma – a substance that forms under the foreskin, consisting of dead skin and other secretions

11 Male Reproductive Health
What is a testicular self-examination and why is it important? Testicular cancer is one of the most common cancers for males between the ages of A screening procedure for testicular cancer. What is male infertility? The inability to produce offspring Mumps, STDs, Injuries, Hormone disorders

12 Protecting Male Reproductive Health
Practice Abstinence Use protective clothing/equipment when participating in sports and physical activities Perform testicular self-exams Have regular medical checkups Seek medical attention if you show signs of infection

13 Male Reproductive Health

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